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4 ways to make last minute travel feel planned

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Maldives_is_Top_Honeymoon_Destination_largeYou’ve found the perfect time to getaway and that travel deal that you simply cannot pass up!  All the arrangements are made and all you have to do is pack. But for those hard working travelers who are looking for a break from the daily grind and chance to relax the worries may begin.  You wonder if you have acted to hastily and now you won’t really enjoy your vacation.  You may wonder what you could do to make this trip a little more special to  really to make it feel like it might be the best vacation of all time. Don’t worry there a few simple things you can do to make sure this vacation delivers what you want it too.   Here are 4 ways to last minute travel feel planned.

  1. As much as we all want to be spontaneous the key to making anything great is a little planning. Before you even begin to look for last minute travel deals do some research on places you want to go. Decide on those locations and means of travel you have always wanted to try.   Many experienced travelers recommend having a packet of information about sites you want to see, things to do and places to eat at each of your dream destinations. With this information right at hand you can plan a great trip in literally a short amount of time.  And when that last minute travel deal comes along you will already have a map of what you want your vacation to include.  And then when you reach your destination you will have executed the plan making your last minute travel feel much more special.
  2. Don’t forget to make all the arrangements you need!  While many people feel like the only reservations worth concerning themselves over are air, hotel and car there are a lot of little details that if you attend to before leaving home that will make your trip feel a lot more planned.  If you need to have a shuttle or taxi ready when you reach the airport call ahead and reserve one.  Consider what you may need at the hotel.  Do you need a room with special accommodations for handicapped access or some other need? Do you want a convertible or some special car from the car rental agency?  Each of these little details being attended to before leaving home will make your trip feel much more planned and less last minute.   By reserving this ahead of time you will forego the confusion and last minute rush of trying to take care of things when you reach your vacation destination.  And you will be assured that no matter how last minute your travel is you are getting what you really want.
  3. Make needed reservations at restaurants, museums or other sites.  Do not assume that because you are there you will get into something special.  By making reservations before you leave home you may find yourself breezing in to be seated or (at least to the head of the line) like you have been planning this trip for months.  Knowing that the major attractions you want to see or experience are already waiting for you will make your trip feel much more planned.
  4. Treat yourself to something special and unique at your destination.  By consulting your already put together packet of information you should be able to find that special thing that will really make your vacation sizzle.  Do you want to treat yourself to a day at a 5-star spa or restaurant? Maybe private golf lessons or a zip line tour?   By indulging yourself in something that will make your vacation memorable to you it will make your last minute travel deal seem like the best plan ever for your vacation.

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