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5 reasons to use a honeymoon registry

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kisses31090093There are many things to worry about when getting married. You have to worry about the cake and the flowers and then there is the in-laws. This is why you might want to think about using a honeymoon registry. Using a honeymoon registry will help you not have to worry about coming up with all of the money and other things you might need for your honeymoon. Here are 5 reasons to use a honeymoon registry.

The 1st reason to use a honeymoon registry is to get something you want. Instead of getting three toasters that you will have to return if you can find what stores they came from, you get a massage, and room service credit. You can create your own honeymoon registry. This way if on your honeymoon you want breakfast in bed for two, you can have it. Put it on your registry. You can create whatever registry you want. You can register for different activities to do on your honeymoon such as a massage, or a spa treatment. Making a honeymoon registry makes your dream honeymoon come true.

The 2nd reason to use a honeymoon registry is to help out on the cost. You can include your airfare, your hotel and everything else that you have planned for your honeymoon on your registry, even if you are planning on paying for it yourselves. This will be an added bonus because you won’t have to front the whole bill and you can save your money for other things you are going to need in your new life, like the blender you didn’t get that you need.

The 3rd reason to use a honeymoon registry is because you can use the gifts you get from your honeymoon registry whenever you want. So if you don’t use them right off the bat you will have something to look forward to for your one year anniversary, or the little getaway you need in the middle of the year. You could register for a candle light dinner for two. Then if you don’t have time to use it on your honeymoon use it later.

The 4th reason to use a honeymoon registry is because you can let everyone know what you want by putting the website address on an announcement card that you can print off for free when you register. This way with the click of a mouse your guest can see exactly what you want. For instance say you want a dinner for two at a fancy restaurant, but you also want a candlelight dinner on the beach watching the sunset. Register for both and if you end up getting one of the dinners as a wedding present you only have to pay for the other one instead of paying for both.

The 5th reason to use a honeymoon registry is so you can plan ahead for your honeymoon. Create your honeymoon registry far enough in advance so that you know what people have purchased for you. Then you will know in all actuality how much you will be paying over all for your honeymoon. You will also probably get some money from your wedding reception if you wanted it could help contribute to your honeymoon fund too.

All of these are reasons to use a honeymoon registry. Also make sure when using a honeymoon registry that you have a website. This way you can update people on what is going on in your life and what you are planning for the wedding and how. This will help people feel more involved in your wedding day. So get online and pick your honeymoon spot and all the activities that you want to go with it. Then use a honeymoon registry to make your dreams come true and help out with your happily ever after.

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