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Best time of year to take a European Cruise

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East-MediterraneanThere are many factors to take into account to figure out the best time of year to take a European cruise. You need to know when you can actually go, how many people you are taking with you, how long of a cruise of Europe, and the places that you want to go on the cruise. All of these factors affect each other and change and shift depending on your needs. One thing can be sure that the more factors you have in the equation, the earlier you will have to book in order to get onto a ship with all of the things that you need, let alone getting the cheapest room available.

The most popular time of year to take a European cruise, also known as the “high season,” is from May to August. These summer months have the largest mix of European and American family making it a great experience to culturally mix with the people of the countries that you will be touring. The tradeoff to booking a cruise this time of year is the heat of the summer, the high demand and thus high prices of the cruise, and the large crowds on board cruise ships. The reason the Summer months are so popular is because it usually is the best time of year to take the family out away from home because kids are free from school, work is easier to get off, there are family reunions that are planned during these months, etc.

If you do not have kids and do not care to be around to many of them, then that is one quirk of sailing in the off season that you will enjoy. During the winter months, you can get great prices on nice rooms on the mega big ships. If this sounds like the thing for you to do, then put on your mittens and scarf because it will be chilly out there on the water. With that cold wind at your hilt, you will be off on your European getaway adventure in a more private, less social, atmosphere then if you were to go in the more attractive Summer season.

One thing to remember is that there are certain cruises that only books during the high season months and don’t do much discounting. But at the same time, if you look, there are companies that have two for one deals on rooms and free airfare opportunities. If you take the time to search them out, you could get lucky on a great cruise in the off season. There are some cruises, however, that never have an off season. Italian cruises go all year round and just change the area of concentration depending on the weather and never have a slump in filling up their ships with people. If you want to go on an Italian cruise, just plan on booking way in advance so that you cannot only get a good deal, so you can also leave at the time of year you want to see certain parts of Italy.

If you think about European travel as a year round event, then the best advice to give yourself is timing. Going in early will make the trip the best value. The best time of the year is completely up to you because depending on the time of year effects where the boat will go. The boats are going to try and hit the best spots weather wise for that time of year. IF there are certain places you want to see, then you are going to have to book a cruise early enough so that you can adjust your schedule to that time of year. The best time to go is in the Summer because it will be pleasant not matter where you end up going.

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