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Choosing accommodations for family travel

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When you travel with your family, you have to consider things a little differently then you do when you travel as singles, or even as a couple with no children. Family travel requires a little different accommodations in order for it to be comfortable and fun. The following is a look at the things you should consider when looking for accommodations for your next family vacation.

The resort itself: No one wants to pack their kids up and haul them off every time they want to do something, if you are paying for a room you might as well pay a little extra for on site amenities that will be worth your time. A game room, a great pool area, a playground, BBQs, etc. on property can make a huge difference in the pleasantness of your stay. If you can entertain your kids on property, you save time, money, and stress. So, look for a resort with more to offer than just a pool. A pool is great, but at most you get 3-4 hours a day out of it. Many resorts have game rooms, arcades, tennis courts, basketball courts, horse shoes, or shuffle boards, etc. Find a resort with plenty to do at it.

Kitchen: Even the wealthy who want to eat all of their meals out when vacationing can benefit from a kitchen. A kitchen gives you the chance to heat up left overs, prepare snacks for a movie, or eat fresh, organic foods you pick up at the market. If you are not really wealthy, or do not want to have to go out in order to eat, accommodations with a kitchen are wonderful. Any family with kids is going to benefit from a kitchen in their hotel room or condo. You can eat in, prepare favorites like Mac and Cheese, etc. A fully stocked kitchen lets you snack, and enjoy your vacation without having to run out here and there constantly for food.

Laundry: When you take kids on vacation, or travel with children, you know that you pretty much have to pack your whole house. Kids require a lot of gear, and family travel can be overwhelming and difficult because of the shear amount of stuff you have to take with you, however, if you have a laundry facility or a washer and dryer in your condo, you can pack the basics, and wash them if you need anything because of accidents, etc. In addition, it means when you get home from your travel you won’t be as stressed out because you can wash the clothes before you leave, and simply put them away when you get back.

Near places you want to go: A great resort is wonderful, but if the nearest airport is 4 hours away, or the nearest grocery store is an hour and half a way, or if you can’t get pizza delivered to it, or it is not near shops, and you love shopping, you won’t enjoy it nearly enough. So, plan ahead, and choose accommodations near the activities and places you will want to frequent so that your kids are not spending half of their vacation in the car. If you go to Southern California for the beaches, do not stay in downtown San Diego, as you will have to drive 15-20 minutes anytime you want the sand and sun.

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