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Choosing the Right Cruise

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Choosing the right cruise at the right price has become more challenging than ever before.  The cruise industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and expansion that has never been seen before.  This can leave the prospective cruiser in a state of confusion as how to choose the right ship and how to find the best cruise bargains.  It may become even difficult to distinguish between the various cruise lines and what they offer. How does the would-be cruiser make sense of all the information?   There are several questions that need to be answered in finding the right cruise.  Here are a few to help you in that process. AX932396

  1. Where do you want to go and for how long?  First you must determine where you want to go.  Cruises are available in nearly every region of the world.  Talk to friends and family about where they’ve cruised and which places they enjoyed most or would want to return to. Check out travel websites and travel guides they list the most interesting and popular places to visit.  Of course how long to cruise depends on your work and vacation schedule, your personal or family obligations and your budget. Cruises come in virtually every length from 2-days to more than 100-days. The most popular cruises are 3, 4, 7, 10, 12 and 14-days in length.  Cruise brochures can also give you a feel for that particular cruise destination.  Consulting a travel agent especially one who specializes in booking cruises can be helpful in determining the right cruise as well. A good cruise expert can give you practical advice and invaluable information about cruise destinations and the ships that travel there.
  2. How do I fit a cruise to my budget?  You must first determine how much you want to spend on your cruise vacation.  But remember that the least expensive cruise is not a bargain if it does not suit your travel needs. Do not be put off by the listed prices in a cruise brochure.  Keep in mind that it is rarely necessary to pay the price that is listed in the brochure.  Cruising is known for its emphasis on quality and service no matter what price range you travel in. The differences between budget and expensive travel can sometimes be something abstract and intangible.  It could be the quality of service, the attitude of the crew and staff or the difference between good food and haute cuisine. So how do you decide how much to spend on your cruise?  If this is a special vacation you might want to set aside more funds to really make it extra special.  Perhaps you are celebrating a special occasion like a honeymoon or anniversary where the extra dollars don’t matter.  If you are traveling with a family maybe finding the cheapest cruise is the most important. Maybe you are used to only the best and want a cruise experience to match.  Ask yourself how do you like to travel?  There is a cruise for every budget.
  3. What are my needs once I am on the cruise ship? There are several questions to ask yourself about what you want from your cruise experience.  Are you interested primarily in destinations or onboard activities? Do you want to party or are you looking for peace and quiet? Do you want to be with older people or are you looking to socialize with a younger crowd?  What is the most important aspect to you entertainment, food, services or does price override them all?  Do you want to dress up or just have an informal dress code? Do you need special access, handicapped facilities or other accommodations?

By doing a little homework and asking yourself the right questions you can determine what cruise is right for you. Then the only thing that is left is to pack your clothes, board your ship and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime!

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