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Choosing your travel excursions

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When you go on vacation to a popular tourist destination, if you cruise, etc. you have the opportunity to go on some travel excursions or activities. For example, you may go parasailing, or scuba diving, horseback riding, etc. The following is a guide to choosing your travel excursion, and how to get the most for your money:

  1. What types of activities are you most interested in? The travel excursions in most destinations range from water, land, historical or learning, or high adventure. You have to determine what best suites you. If you do not have the stamina to climb, hike, or be out of doors all day, an excursion with a tour might be a better option than a snorkel cruise, or a kayaking adventure.
  2. How long does the excursion last? Excursions can last from a 30 minute ATV or horse ride to several hours. The excursions that are the best value are the ones that give you the most time for the lowest price. For example, if you could sail for an hour for $75 dollars, or do a three-hour tour for the same price, you save money doing the tour. If you plan to fill your day with activities, paying for longer lasting activities will mean greater over all savings, and satisfaction.
  3. What is included in the price? Some excursions will provide you with a meal, or all you can drink beverages, some have open bar. Some will provide all the equipment you need, some require additional purchase. So, for example, let’s say you can do a snorkel cruise that has lunch for $45, or one without for $40, the better value is the one that includes the meal, even though it costs more. However, what if you have to rent your fins and mask? Then the value goes down. So, what excursion gives you the most value for the price?
  4. Where does the excursion leave from? Sometimes choosing your travel excursions is a matter of finding what is the closest or most convenient. If you have to get a ride to the start point, or have to be on a bus or in a car for several hours to get there, it may not be as worth it, or as fun as you think. So, find excursions that are close by, and that appeal to you.
  5. Who can go? Are there any things that would prohibit you from participation? If you have high blood pressure, heart problems, back problems, are pregnant, do not have great mobility, etc. some excursions may be off limits to you. So, find ones that you can participate in without putting your health are risk. If you are older, or pregnant, a beautiful city tour, or afternoon at the spa might be a better excursion for you than zip lining through the jungle, or hiking to a waterfall.

Answer these questions, and then choose the excursion that is the best value, and that appeals to your interests the most.

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