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Disneyland Fast Pass

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cheap-disneyland-vacation-packages-main_FullBecause Disneyland is “the happiest place on earth” it is also a very busy place, and one that many people visit. So, to help cut down on the wait times for rides, Disney has come up with a system called Fast Pass. The following is a look at how the system works, and how to use it to get more out of your visit to Disneyland.

How fast pass works? The way Fast pass works is that you can get a Fast Pass by inserting your ticket into the machine. You get one pass per ticket. It prints the time you can use the pass, and when you are able to use it, you have a one hour window where you are allowed to get in the fast line, rather than the stand by line. This means that you can get a fast pass, and then go do other rides, and see other attractions, and then come back and get in the quick line. This line usually has significantly less people then the other line, and you get priority. It does not guarantee you will be in the front of the line, but it does cut your wait time down significantly, and depending on the day and time you go, it can mean no wait at all.

If you get your Fast pass at 9:05, you can use it between 10:05 and 11:05. So, you can’t use it for an hour, and you get one hour to use it. You can only get one fast pass per hour per ticket.

How to use it most effectively? In order to make the system effective for you, and to help keep you out of lines, first you need to know which rides have the Fast Pass capability, and which are available on the day you go. The print out that comes with the map you get when you enter the park will have that information on it.

One of the best ways to make fast pass work for you is to get in line for something else, and send someone in your group to get the Fast Pass tickets while you wait. Then, take advantage of rides or attractions with shorter wait times while you are waiting for your fast pass to become active. The passes are free, and come with the ticket purchase, so if you enjoy the ride, get more passes, and hit it up again after doing some other rides.

Is it worth it? To get a fast pass takes only a few moments, and can save you several minutes in line, so it is worth it, especially if the fast pass lines are short. There is no obligation to use the pass, and no penalty if you do not, so there is no risk, and only reward for getting them.

Other options: There are a few other ways to cut your wait time in lines down. One, you can rent a wheel chair, and that allows you to go to the handicap access for lines that are not handicap accessible. This can reduce your wait significantly on a busy day, and costs about $65.

Families with disabled, autistic, etc. children can get passes to help them avoid lines, free of charge if you have proof of the disability.

If you have small children you can get a ride switch pass that allows part of your party to use the fast pass line, whether it is open or not, as the other part of your party stays with the kids.

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