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Don’t miss a Luau!

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beachgetaway30457898Okay, it goes without saying that when you go to any of the Hawaiian islands you better go to a Luau. Luaus are standard fare on the islands, and they are a great way to say “Let’s Party!” And they are certainly a party, at least in the Hawaiian sense of the word. When you are in Maui, you are going to have the choice of several Luaus to attend, the costs varies very little from Luau to Luau, the location varies significantly, but how do you know before you go which Luau is the best?

The following is a list of ten things you will want to know about your Luau. So, when you deciding which Luau to attend be sure they offer satisfactory answers, and that they have what you are looking for. If they don’t drive a little farther, or search a little harder for one that offers all of the things that make a Luau great.

  1. Kalua Pork: Every Luau you attend will serve the typical and traditional kalua pork. They will probably also serve a variety of side dishes including poi, sweet potatoes, lomi-lomi, salmon, macaroni salad, and desserts.
    What you want to ask is not if they sever the kalua pork, which is a whole pig roasted in an imu, or underground oven, but if you get to view the imu ceremony. The imu ceremony is a short traditional ceremony preformed when the pig is unearthed. It is part of the tradition of Luau’s and you don’t want to miss it.
  2. Guest Count: Some Luaus are more personal than others. Some have only one hundred to one hundred and fifty people, others several hundred. It would be good to know how many guests they plan to have because that will determine a lot. One it will determine how long you may have to wait to get your meal, and what kind of service you will get. The smaller the group the more personal and attentive your service will be. Two, it may determine how well you can see the stage where the show is preformed. If there are hundreds of people and you are seated in the back your view might not be so good.
  3. What type of show?: You will want to ask what format the show is. Will you see and international show, a Polynesian show, a sugar-era performance, something strictly from Maui? What will you be seeing. If that matters to you, or if you want a strictly Hawaiian cultural experience you want to go to a Luau that only features that kind of dancing, chanting etc.
  4. Fire Dancers: One of the highlights of going to a Luau is the finale of the show. Now, for most Luaus the finale includes fire dancers. This is incredible to watch as you realize they have torches of heat and fire flying around them at incredible speeds. Be sure the Luau you choose to see has fire dancers.
  5. Professional of Amateur Performers: The show is a big part of the Luau, the food is important, and may be your initial reason for wanting to go to a Luau, but the show is going to be hugely important once your belly is full. You want to have dancers that are good. You want to have performers that really know their stuff, so be sure you are seeing a professional show, or at least not paying professional show price for an amateur performance.
  6. Open Bar?: The food varies, and so does the bar service. Most Luaus have open bar, drink as much as you’d like all night. Others include the first drink, but after that you pay extra. Some have all beverages included, others may include beer and mai tais, but mixed drinks are extra. Find out so if you have a preference it is met.
  7. How Long is food available?: The food is usually set out buffet style, and is left out for a certain amount of time allowing you to get seconds, thirds, etc. What you want to know is how long it is out. Do they leave it out during the show? Is it available all evening? Or, is there food, then show? You will want to find a Luau that leaves it out for the whole show, that way you can go back for more once what you initially ate has a chance to settle.
  8. Photos and Leis?: When you go to a Luau you are generally greeted with a lei of some sort. Some Luaus offer fresh flower leis, others shell leis. Find one that offers what you want. Most Luaus take a picture as you enter. Is it included, or does it cost extra?
  9. Inside or Outside?: Is the Luau outdoors. That is preferable unless it rains, but it is good to know so you can dress accordingly and not be cold. If it is indoors you do not get as good an atmosphere, and you don’t get to enjoy the sunset.
  10. Cancellation policy: If you Luau is outdoors and a thunderstorm starts, do you get to comeback another night, or is your money refunded, or are you just out of luck? Different Luaus have different policies, so check that out.

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