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Eating and Drinking at Disneyland

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disneyfood20090605_0118-aWhen you spend a day at a theme park you have to eat. So, the following is a look at your options, etc. for eating and drinking at Disneyland:

Places: Disneyland, like most theme parks, has several food stands serving traditional American foods, aka, hot dogs hamburgers, French fries, etc. However, in addition to that, they have some specialty dining places. For example, they have a restaurant that is partially in the Pirates of the Carribean ride. They have a few other specialty places that incorporate the theme of the part of the park they are in.  In addition to that there are some places at the neighboring park, California Adventure. The most popular place there is called Aerial’s Gratta. It is a multiple course meal that is served with visits from the Disney Princesses.  Most of these specialty dining places require a reservation to be made. They are pricy, and are more focused on the dining experience, then on the food.

In addition to the many places you can get food, there are ice cream carts, snack carts, and beverage carts located throughout the parks. There are even some ice cream shops, etc.

When you are at the Disneyland park there is no where that serves alcohol, however, at California Adventure, there is a winery.

Tips: When it comes to eating at Disney land there are a few tips you may want to consider.

First, whether you purchase food, or bring your own, consider eating it in line. This means you get to ride more rides, and do more things.  Some times the wait is over half an hour, so send someone to get food while the rest of you wait in line, then eat as you move forward.

Second, bring your own drinks. Beverages are really expensive, but it is important to stay hydrated, especially on hot days. Dehydration will make your visit to the park not very fun. However, warm drinks are not good either. So, freeze your drinks, and take them to the park frozen as they will thaw as you go through the park, and you will have a nice cold drink all day long. Just remember to take a few sips out before you freeze it, as liquid expands as it freezes.

Third, make your reservations early. At the specialty restaurants, like Aerial’s Gratta, the space is limited, and goes quickly. If you do not want to eat lunch at a random time like 3:45, then make your reservation early in the day, so that you get in at the time that will best suit you and your family.

Fourth: Save time and a lot of money by simply bringing your own food into the park. They do not forbid it, and it will save you a lot, and allow you to spend your money on a fun ice cream cone, or frozen lemonade instead of a $7 hot dog.  Just remember, things like Tuna sandwiches do not keep well if you do not have them in a cooler, so take a cooler, or pack peanut butter.

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