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Everything you need to know about a Cancun vacation

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mexico_mayan - honeymoon destinationSo you are planning your next vacation and realize that it must include beaches, sun and lots of fun and that’s when it hits you why not go to Cancun?  Cancun continues to be one of the top destination choices for vacationers seeking fun in the sun.  Along with beaches, water sports and lots of partying tourists Cancun offers a lot more.  In addition Cancun is a very popular destination for all ages. When you get tired of all the lovely beach lounging there is a whole selection of water activities to be tried.  In addition Cancun has lots of offbeat dining and shopping options that must be explored.   So while you are planning your next trip to Cancun here is some basic information you should know.

  • Best time of year to go-Certainly the most affordable time to visit Cancun would be off peak.  By traveling off-peak, not only will you get cheaper flights and accommodations. You will also gain a difference perspective on travel with the added advantage of enjoying your dream destination without huddling with the masses of tourists during holidays.  Off peak to Cancun means traveling during holidays (not before or after) when airfares are lower and there is significantly less road traffic.  Avoid the crowds anytime though by traveling during the week especially from Tuesday through Thursday.  As an added bonus for traveling then your airfare will usually be cheaper. Some of the most affordable Cancun travel deals of the year can be found in the fall. Try to avoid summer months if possible since hurricane season is at its peak.
  • What to do in Cancun-There are lots of activities both on and off the water.  Experienced travelers to Cancun recommend the following-
    On the water-

    • Jet skiing (some resorts have two person jet skis!)
    • Kayaking
    • Snorkeling
    • Taking the ferry to Cozumel (the azure water on the way over is not to be missed!)
    • Poolside fun (most resorts have spectacular pools despite being located beachside).

    Off the water-

    • Shopping -great deals to be had almost everywhere
    • Dining-recommended restaurants include: Senor Frogs, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and Rolandi’s Pizza
  • Where stay in Cancun-The city offers an array of accommodations based on the travel budget of every traveler. There are a number of condos or villas that can be rented along with budget-priced hotels.   Resorts seem to be the most popular choice with most in the 3-4 star range. Many resorts offer all inclusive packages for lodging, food and some activities.   Here are quoted prices (at the time of publication)for some of the most popular-
    • Cancun Palace Hotel (all inclusive) approximately $1800 per week per adult
    • The Royal Cancun Resort & Spa: $159 dollars per night lodging only
    • The Royal Playa (all inclusive): $186 dollars per night per adult
    • Hotel Marina El Cid Riviera Maya:$119 dollars per night per adult lodging only
  • What it will cost-There is always a huge number of deals to Cancun that run throughout the year.  Vacationers can literally tailor make a package to fit their every need and budget.  Working with an experienced travel agent will help streamline the process and narrow down the choices.  Most travelers should plan about $1500 dollars per person for week for lodging and food in the mid price range.  Many activities that are beach based may be free or very low cost rentals through resorts.  Travelers from New York should expect to pay about $471 dollars for airfare to Cancun while L.A. based travelers can reach Cancun by air for only $447 dollars. While some travelers do choose to rent a car most destinations are easily reachable and affordable using public transportation (taxi or bus).

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