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Everything you need to know about a London vacation

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londonnightlife09012009For years London has remained as one of the top destinations for a European vacation.  The classic charm of London cannot be beat when planning a truly special vacation.  London also remains one of the easiest and surprisingly affordable cities to reach whether you may be considering spending your entire vacation in London or only making it a stop on your itinerary you will not be disappointed. London boasts a huge array of accommodations for travelers of every budget and style along with numerous activities to fill your days and your nights. Here is some basic information to get you started on planning your London vacation.

  • Best time of year to visit- Many experienced travelers recommend traveling to London the last two weeks in September.  The weather is warm, usually dry (though London weather can always be surprising) and there is lots to do. A highlight of September in London is Open House Day (actually a weekend) when you can visit buildings normally closed to the public. Theater troupes are back from vacation and hosting new shows and opera season begins as well. The evenings are slightly misty and are a good time to enjoy the Seafood festival in Hay’s Galleria and the Soho Jazz Festival both only September events.  If you are looking for a budget-wise time to travel to London many travel experts recommend avoiding July and August when crowds and prices are bigger.  London is never a cheap destination but can be seen reasonably by those travelers willing to do a little research.
  • What to do while in London-this is a city literally bursting with possibilities for any traveler. The choices are simply to numerous to list everything here but here are some of the popular and highly recommended.
    • Trafalgar Square-don’t forget to admire all the fountains
    • The National Portrait Gallery which is great with its free admission.
    • Have a quick walk across the street in the St. Martin’s Church.
    • Big Ben which could really be the symbol of London.
    • See the House of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.
    • Ride the Ferris wheel at BA’s London Eye (approximate cost $13 dollars)
    • Tour the Tower of London and see the crown jewels and nearby Hampton Court
    • Soho for dining and Oxford Street for shopping at some of England’s best known designers.
    • Have afternoon tea (after all this is where it started)!
    • See any of the castles
  • Places to stay-London boasts a number of types of accommodations.  Everything from youth hostels to 5 star hotels is available for those wishing to visit London.  While your budget may dictate where you stay here are some recommendations for medium priced hotels in London. Blandford Hotel, Melia White House Hotel and The Landmark London are all centrally located and highly recommended.  Rates are these hotels range from $128-320 dollars nightly.
  • How much will it cost?-The reality of a trip to London is that it is an expensive destination overall.  Plan on spending $551 dollars on a flight from New York while LA travelers will have to shell out $830 dollars for their cross continent flight.  Hotel accommodations range from $99-434 in the mid range.  Food and sightseeing are at your discretion with many major attractions being surprisingly affordable and street food being accessible, delicious and budget friendly.  Public transportation around London is cheap (bus, taxi or subway) and easy to access.  The best deal here is to purchase a London Metro pass for approximately $28 per week. Don’t bother renting a car when getting around London is easy to do. Consider booking a package deal available through most travel web sites or travel agencies for the best deal to London.

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