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Family friendly destinations

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family41831057Taking your family on vacation each year is an important aspect of family fun and togetherness. However, you want to ensure that the destinations you choose are family friendly. If they aren’t: you’ll spend a lot more money, you’ll have a lot less fun, and you will come home needing a vacation.

So, how can you find family friendly destinations? The following are some tips:

  1. Ask your neighbors, friends, etc. Everyone has taken a family vacation at some point or another, or heard about someone else’s. The first hand advice you can get from family and friends can be invaluable to finding family friendly vacations. Your neighbors, friends, and family will know which places are family friendly, and most importantly, they will know where NOT to go. So, ask around. People love talking about their family vacations, and people love giving advice, so no one will mind the inquiry.
  2. Call ahead, see what activities they offer. You need stuff for EVERYONE: Just because your Fijian vacation offers poolside massages, and Mai Tai’s with breakfast, which sounds good to you, doesn’t mean they will have things for your kids to do. Call a resort near your proposed destination and find out what the destination has to offer. Do they have activities that every age group in your family will enjoy? Do they have a lot of them? You may find that the resort features a petting zoo for children, but that is not going to take all day, and it is not going to be something they will do everyday. So, what else is there? Will you be able to keep your family entertained and enjoying themselves?
  3. Talk to your travel agent. Travel agents specialize in helping you find the ideal vacation. So, tell them about your needs. Tell them ages and interests of your children, and they will help you to find the best family friendly destination for your unique circumstances. So, whether that is a Disney vacation, or a trip to Myrtle Beach, your travel agent will help you find a family friendly destination that can entertain your family.
  4. Choose the obvious. There are some places that are clearly family friendly. For example, any theme park vacation, whether it is the Disney parks, or Universal parks, etc. is going to be family friendly as their parks were designed to meet the needs of families with children of all ages. Other obvious family friendly destinations include family themed cruises, beach resorts that have kids activities scheduled daily, etc.
  5. Take a cruise: not every cruise is going to be family friendly, but there are many cruises that are just for people with families. So, these are great destinations because they offer activities for everyone, the costs are all included in the price, your family will never be hungry, and will have tons to do all within a confined space so you do not have to worry about losing a child. Also, many of these cruises have activities, sitters, and rooms devoted to children.
  6. Choose destinations with the essentials: a Wal-mart, and a McDonalds can be your best friend. While you are open to trying new and ethnic foods, and don’t mind going without this or that for a week or so, your child won’t be so accommodating. So, no matter what destination you choose, try and find one thdat has the same things as back home so that when your child needs something normal, everyday, or routine, you can find it, and easily.

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