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Finding cheap travel deals in advance

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cf_fly_mainlastminute09012009There’s got to be a better way of finding cheap travel deals in advance other than winning them from Bob Barker on the Price is Right, right?  Let’s hope so! Although Bob Barker has some pretty sweet deals, here are a few tips on finding cheap travel deals on your own.

Talk to a travel agent.  This is probably the best way to find the best deal on any travel plan.  These people are professions; they do this stuff all the time.  They can find deals that consumers can’t.  The majority of cruises and tour packages are actually purchased from travel agents.  Travel agents are nonbiased, and they will be able to inform vacationers on the best quality vacation for their desired destination while still finding a killer price.  Travel agents are really the way to go to find cheap travel deals in advance.

Travel agents also have a good knowledge of what type of insurance may be necessary for different trips.  They will be able to recommend the best deals possible, and that can really save a travel a lot of time, money, and worry!

One of the best reasons to talk to a travel agent is that they are always up to date on the latest promotional offers from various entertainment sources.  They get information all the time about the latest package deal for cruises and tours.  They’ve got good connections to get the best information.

If a vacationer is planning on booking airline ticket over the internet, they should know that timing is everything.  Booking too far in advance will likely mean that prices will drop lower, but waiting too long will mean that the airfares rise.  It is important to get online airfare at just the right time.  It may be worthwhile to check back frequently until the fare looks just about right.

Timing is also important when looking for the best travel deals because planning in advance always works out better.  It is a good idea to take a look at the events going on in the destination city.  Many cities have different events, local holidays or celebrations, or meetings that can draw in a large crowd.  It would be important to book a hotel room well in advance if a vacationer’s trip overlaps such an event.

Another way to get information on cheap travel deals in advance is to put up with a little extra email.  Signing up for some of the airline’s notices can keep a vacation planner up to date with the latest deals.

There are some draw back to `going it alone’ when it comes to booking one’s own travel plans.  Although it may be cheaper up front to book online, if there are any problems it can be costly to make changes.

This is where having a travel agent can help in keeping cheap deals cheap!  Travel agents have a little more clout than the average consumer, and they can help fix problems.  They also have more resources and are better equipped to fix last minute problems.  This can turn into money savings for someone who is seeking the best deal on their travel plans.

A good tip for car rentals is that they can always be cancelled.  So reserve and cancel until the very best deal has been made.  But be sure to review the cancellation policy very closely so as not to get hit by fees.

Overall, cheap travel deals can be made in advance, and they don’t have to involve Bob Barker and his beauties!  Talk to a travel agent to get the very best deals out there, or try out some of the tips listed above for going it alone.  Good luck!

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