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Going through the airport with kids

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Going through the airport with small children can be a very difficult, and tiresome endeavor, but is not impossible, nor does it have to be unpleasant. The following is a look at how you can make getting through the airport with children a much pleasanter experience than one might suppose.

Tip one:
Use the Skycap. One of the most difficult parts of getting through an airport with small children is that of holding on to them, as well as all of your luggage at the same time. So, don’t do it. Instead, keep a carry on bag with you, and turn the rest over to the curbside Skycap. Allow them to check your luggage so you can avoid any lines, and avoid hauling luggage through the air port.

Tip two: Take advantage of ticketless travel. This will free up your hands, and your worry of the child losing their ticket, and the Skycap can print out your passes, so that you do not have to wait in any lines for ticket confirmation. Then you simply show these to the various security checkpoints, and if you should lose one, you can get another one printed, so you do not have to worry about kids misplacing them.

Tip three: Take a stroller. This serves a dual purpose, one it keeps kids from getting tired, or you, as you can strap your bag on, and push it rather than carry it, which is much less exerting. Two, it straps the child in place, so you do not have to worry about their wandering off. This is huge when in a crowded airport terminal.

Tip four: Diaper bags should be had and well packed. Having a diaper bag with diapers, wipes, etc. as well as things to entertain, feed, and comfort the child is a huge plus. If your child is no longer in diapers, still pack a bag of toys, snacks, and a blanket, in order to keep them occupied and happy.

Tip five:
Wear easy to remove shoes. When going through the security check points you must remove your shoes, so have your child wear shoes that are easy to take off and put on so that there is not a long delay or big hassle to get through security.

Tip six: If your child will not be in a stroller, or if you have several small children, consider getting leashes for them. There are little backpacks made with leashes on them to help you keep hold of your children while still having your hands free to hold tickets, money, etc.

Tip seven:
Have easy access to your identification. If possible, wear pants with a pocket so you can slip it in and out for the several times it is needed, rather than have to dig through a purse, or take out a wallet and fish it out each time. This speeds things up, which is always better when traveling with kids.

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