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How to book your Bermuda cruise

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discussion8075165So you have finally made the decision on what type of vacation you want to take next.  If you want to cruise to an island paradise there may be no better choice of destination than Bermuda. With its balmy year round weather there is really not a bad time to visit.  Bermuda also boasts a high per capita income among its citizens and a prosperous standard of living that equals a pleasant, safe and inviting atmosphere for cruisers.  With its pink sand beaches, historical sites and plentiful shopping there is literally something for everyone in Bermuda.  Perhaps best of all because of its geographic location Bermuda does not have a hurricane season that can threaten to rain out your island cruise.  But before you book that final ticket there are several things to consider. Here are a few-

  1. How long a cruise do you want to take?  Due to the close proximity of Bermuda cruisers do not have to take a lengthy cruise to be able to enjoy Bermuda.  This is especially good for first-time cruisers who can take a shorter cruise to see if it is the right vacation for them, or if you don’t have a lot of time to vacation this packs a great vacation into a short period of time.  Most cruise lines offer 5 and 7 night cruises with a few cruise lines offering 3 or 4 night cruises.
  2. What city do you want to leave from?  One of the advantages of cruising to Bermuda is that cruises depart from most major cities along the east coast of the United States.  From Bayonne, New Jersey to Miami, Florida cruises can disembark for Bermuda.
  3. What type of ship do you want to cruise on?  Right now the largest “mega ships” are unable to put into port at Bermuda (though that may change soon).  Yet even with this limitation there is a wide variety of ships to choose from.  You can choose to cruise to Bermuda aboard a small, intimate ship that provides a yacht feel or a mid-size cruise ship that will offer a wide variety of onboard activities and dining choices.
  4. When do you want to cruise to Bermuda?  While there is not really a bad time to go to Bermuda there is definitely a high and low season.  High season (June to August) will cost more than cruising at other times of the year.

Now that you decided on the specifics of what you want from your cruise here are the best ways to go about booking your cruise to Bermuda.

  1. Check out travel websites.  Do not be overwhelmed when you see multiple web sites with cruise prices.  Checking out some of the web sites will give you comparative prices on what to pay for your cruise and the possible specials that are offered. They are a great way to search through a lot of information in a short period of time.  You can directly book through many of these travel web sites or cruise only sites if you find something that you feel would suit your vacations needs.
  2. Consult a travel professional.  These are people whose job depends on finding you the right vacation at the right price.  Travel professionals spend a great deal of their time keeping up with the latest trends and the latest prices for all cruises.  Consider using a travel agent who specializes on cruises as they tend to know all the ins and outs about this type of travel.
  3. If you have decided on one specific cruise consider booking through the cruise line directly.  The employees of the cruise line will know first hand about your cruise and will be able to give you lots of information about your ship and cabin.  They do offer specials but be forewarned they are sometimes not as deeply discounted as other travel avenues so don’t be afraid to look around.

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