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How to find the golf course with the most recognized golf pros

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golf_outingAny avid golfer knows that a good golf course should have a good teaching pro.  The head pro often sets the reputation for the golf course.  So to find the golf course with the most recognized golf pros would mean finding one dang good golf course.  So where are the reliable sources to look for courses that can offer recognized golf pros?

One of the most useful places to find golf courses with the most recognized golf pros is in golf magazines.  Each year the different golf magazines will do an extensive review on various courses and the head pros that run the educational classes offered.  These reviews can help a golfer pick out courses that offer exceptional lessons.  And golf courses that attract the better head pros are usually better courses as well.

For the avid golfer, subscribing to a magazine is a must.  These magazines have lengthy reviews every so often, but they are also constantly reviewing different areas and highlighting different events.  There are also great reviews on equipment and other aspects of golf as well.  But, if the avid golfer is not an avid reader and doesn’t want a monthly subscription then buying one of these magazines from time to time will help them stay on top of which golf courses have the most recognized golf pros.

There are several good golf magazines that are constantly coming out with great information and reviews.  A quick search on the internet or at a magazine rack will reveal which magazines are the most widely read and therefore the most reliable and resourceful.

Another good source for finding golf courses with recognized head pros is by word of mouth.  Good head pros develop a reputation that people talk about.  People who golf a lot know the best head pros and know the best places to golf.  So talk to friends who go on golf trips and see what head pros taught them great skills that have improved their game.  Talk to people during play at the different local courses and see what courses they have played and who the head pros are at those locations.

Local people with connections within the industry are also great sources of knowledge as well.  Talk to the head pro at the local city course or a local private course.  These people have good connections and can probably point out which courses have really recognized and successful head pros.  Most people in a specific field know who the leaders are because of their influence on the industry.  So, local head pros are sure to have their finger on the pulse of the head pro arena.

When all else fails, the internet is a great resource.  Look up some of the best courses in the country, and find out who the head pros are.  Then look up background information on the pros themselves.  Try looking at the PGA’s website.  This site has tons of useful information and will help any golfer feel more in the loop about which golf courses have good head pros.

There are also several other website that offer reviews on golf courses and head pros.  Try looking into these and cross checking the information with magazines and local head pros for reliability.  Using more than one source will certainly be a good indication of which golf pros are the best in the industry.

Golf is a huge sport and there is tons of information available!  People love talking about golf, so it shouldn’t be hard to strike up a conversation to find out some information.  It just takes a little effort to dig around for it.  So try out these resources for finding golf courses with the most recognized golf pros.

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