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How to make the most of your Bermuda cruise

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elbow_beachIf you choose a cruise to Bermuda for your next vacation you then have a wealth of choices to make your vacation a truly ideal getaway.  Here is what you need to know to make the most of your Bermuda cruise.

The tropical paradise known as Bermuda is just 600 nautical miles off the coast of North Carolina.  This spectacular island is known for its pastel painted houses, brilliantly colored gardens, cricket matches and charming shorts.  With its pink-sand beaches, excellent shopping, and proximity to the United States Bermuda is an ideal destination for a getaway cruise vacation. There are both a wide selection of ships and accompanying itineraries for would be cruisers to choose from when selecting Bermuda as your vacation destination.

Today’s cruise ships are outfitted with a huge array of activities and entertainment on board.  Cruisers can spend their hours on the way to Bermuda enjoying the finest luxuries at sea.  Dining options vary from cruise ship to cruise ship but are often a highlight for many cruisers.  Most cruise ships have at least one swimming pool (most ships have more than one) that can allow for getting that perfect tan before you even reach Bermuda.

For your daytime activities on-board you will be most comfortable in sport clothes and resort wear.  Be sure and wear shoes that are low-heeled for deck activities. Savvy cruisers bring a few swimsuits so they will always have a dry one. Towels are provided but don’t forget your camera and binoculars, so you don’t miss a thing. For your port activities be sure to have comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and a hat if needed.

For evening wear, be sure to include three basic types of attire:
Casual: Dresses or slacks and blouses for women, sport shirts and trousers for men.
Smart Casual: Dresses or pantsuits for women, jackets for men.
Formal: Cocktail dresses for women, suits and ties or tuxedos for men (you can arrange to rent a tuxedo onboard).

Once you reach Bermuda there are several highlights that you should consider based on your budget and personal preferences for recreation.  You can:

  • Play a round of golf on one of six world-class golf courses.
  • Lounge on numerous pink-sand beaches.
  • Shop for a wide array of bargains and sample local cuisine in King’s Wharf.
  • Go biking on the Bermuda Railway Trail in Hamilton.
  • Enjoy kayaking through the Paradise Lakes.
  • Troll for several different species of fish blue on a deep-sea fishing adventure.

Each port of call in Bermuda offers a different flavor of island paradise.  While Bermuda is touched by British sophistication there is a distinct and unique cultural flavor that is truly Bermuda.  Each port of call offers something unique and memorable to add to your island vacation.

  • Hamilton-This is a charming port that is quintessential Bermuda.  Cruisers find themselves delighted with the pastel buildings and businessmen bustling around in their jackets, ties and famous shorts. From this point, you can set sail to see the more than 350 islands that make up Bermuda.  For golf enthusiasts be sure to grab a game of golf at one of six world-class golf courses in this area.
  • King’s Wharf-This fun cultural center built at the remarkable Royal Naval Dockyard offers shopping, restaurants, art galleries, craft markets and eight wonderful museums. The choices for water-lovers are plentiful as it also offers a snorkel park and an extensive water sports facility, which makes it an excellent destination for the whole family.
  • St. George-This is the oldest inhabited town of English origin in the New World, so you’ll find yourself surrounded by history. Cruisers will want to visit the Old State House, constructed in 1620, and Gates Fort, built by the original settlers on the shipwrecked Sea Venture, which dates back to 1609. For another great choice set out on a walking tour beginning on Ordinance Island and explore the cobbled streets in town.

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