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How to make your vacation as great as it looks on the travel channel

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cheap-disneyland-vacation-packages-main_FullThe travel channel is cable televisions answer to traveling without leaving your living room.  This cable television network features documentaries and how-to shows related to travel and leisure.  The shows take the viewer to varied locations throughout the United States and the world.  These shows tend to highlight the unusual with past programming that has included shows about African animal safaris, tours of grand hotels and visits to significant towns and cities.  Recent programming has included shows on how the rich travel and luxury destinations that those travelers on a budget will never visit. With all this information about exciting and unusual travel the average traveler may be left feeling that whatever vacation they take could never measure up to what they see on the travel channel.  Here are a few hints to help make your vacation as great as it looks on the travel channel.

  • Use the travel channel as a guide when planning your next vacation. This cable network is staffed by seasoned travel professionals.  Not only do they have talented staff that travel the world over the research that is done is exhausting in all the locations they visit.  Let them do the work for you.  Check out their television programming for sites you may want to visit.  You may be able to get a lot of information in planning your vacation. Programs on what you want to see and do at any given location are constantly being shown on the travel channel.  If their television programs aren’t profiling where you want to go check out their website online under  This is an extensive website that can provide in depth information for travelers of every budget and style.
  • One over riding theme throughout all the programs on the travel channel is that they explore the unusual. Once you reach your chosen destination don’t be afraid to try out something unique to your vacation selection.  It may be trying something from the local cuisine or taking a ride on white water rapids. See what the locals do for fun and then try it yourself!   Nothing makes a vacation more boring than just sticking to the usual tried and true.  By branching out and trying something new on your vacation you may not only be having the experience of a lifetime but you will certainly be adding that travel channel flavor to your vacation.
  • Be sure and bring home some memories of your great vacation. On the travel channel many sites are shown in the best photographic light.  For today’s travelers it has never been easier to take photographs or even video of their chosen vacation destination and bring them home.  Along with photographic memories be sure and visit the local shopping if possible.  Most travel channel programs profile local markets and shopping in almost every destination. A recent program on the travel channel showed the markets in Bologna, Italy that date back over a 1000 years!  While the high profile sites of your vacation are always a must see you may find that true travel channel like treasure at a small tucked away market.

If you cannot decide where you want to spend your next vacation take some time and view the travel channel.  You may find more inspiration and ideas than you can even use.  Then plan a great vacation with plenty of interesting and exciting things to see and do (and even eat!)  Grab your camera, a credit card for that extra shopping and you’re ready to go.  With a little imagination and planning maybe you will find your next vacation profiled on the travel channel!

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