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How to not feel uncomfortable while flying

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Long flights can be exhausting and they can also be really difficult to stay comfortable during. Unless you pay to upgrade to first class, and even then, flying is never comfortable. It is difficult to sleep, and long international flights can be largely uncomfortable. Here are some tips for how to not feel uncomfortable while flying:

Consider an airline seat cushion- You can purchase gel cushions, foam cushions, and other cushions designed specifically for airline travel. They sit on top of your seat cushion, and they adjust to your needs so that you aren’t stuck with a bum that is numb or has gone dead. It makes those long flights to interesting destinations much more comfortable.

Get up frequently- One of the best ways to improve your comfort on a long flight is to not stay sitting the whole time. Taking the opportunity to get up frequently, stretch your legs, walk the aisle, and get some blood circulation going in your legs is going to make you more comfortable. It can be hard to sleep on a plane, so if you can’t sleep, get up and stretch those legs a little bit. If you can’t stand up and walk about the cabin because the fasten seat belt sign is on, then flex and stretch your legs while sitting, keep the blood moving in them.

Stay hydrated- One of the best ways to avoid discomfort when flying is to stay hydrated. If you let your self get dehydrated, you will be extremely uncomfortable in the remainder of the flight. Avoid high sugar or caffeine drinks, and instead ask for juice or water, no ice, and keep it coming. It will help you avoid problems like jet lag, and will make your flight more comfortable, just make sure you can use the bathroom so that your bladder doesn’t get uncomfortable.

Wear loose fitting clothing- Sometimes when you fly your limbs swell a little. It is a natural response for your body, so make sure you wear clothes that are not too restrictive, and that won’t make you uncomfortable. Look for things that don’t have large buttons, etc. on the back pockets. Look for loose fitting, but flattering and wrinkle free clothes. This will help you relax more readily.

Medicine- If you need to, take a half a sleeping pill, or something else to help you deal with any anxiety you may be feeling about flying. This can even help make the flight seats more comfortable, but should only be done as a last resort, or under doctor supervision.

Basically, you are never going to be as comfortable when flying as you would be at home, or in a bed, but you can get neck pillows, dress appropriately, and take care of your health when flying so that you have a positive, and as comfortable as possible experience.

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