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How to pack for your vacation

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Are you close to your upcoming vacation? If time is ticking away, you’d better make your packing list quickly! You really don’t want to get to your travel destination only to find out that you forgot something essential. Packing for a vacation can often be a tedious and annoying job. Trying to get everything organized for yourself is one thing but adding kids on top of it will only make the job more challenging. If you are ready to plan out a vacation, here are a few tips that will help so you don’t forget something important.

Tip # 1 – Know the weather!
When you are packing it is always hard to know what type of clothing you need to pack. You should always check the weather when you are packing. This way you will know if there is a storm headed that way and it might be a good idea to grab some jeans and a jacket instead of shorts and flip flops. It is always wise to look the morning that you are leaving just to make sure you should grab a jacket in case it rains.

Tip # 2 – Create a list ahead of time!
You need to create a list of all the things that need to be packed. This will prevent you from packing and forgetting something like a razor or a toothbrush. Always make a list a few weeks in advance so you can remember additional things along the way and to also make sure you have plenty of time to run to the store to grab some extra items.

Tip # 3 – Plan each day.
As you are packing for your vacation it will help if you can plan out what you are doing each day and to pack an outfit for each day. This way you know what you will be wearing and it prevents you from packing too many clothes. It is likely that you will buy an outfit while you are on vacation so packing less is usually a good thing. Remember to bring along an extra set of socks and underwear because you never know when you will need it!

Tip # 4 – Pack the essentials
When it comes to packing you need to really focus on packing just the essentials and not your entire closet or your entire makeup bag! Just stick to a basic makeup kit so you don’t have excess luggage to tote around. Less is more and you will really appreciate this when you need to weigh your luggage. Pack all the medicines you need while you are on vacation and bring a few extra tablets of Tylenol and one pack of DayQuil. It is common for a lot of people to get sick when they go on vacation so if you start feeling it, at least you have something that you can treat it with right away.

Tip # 5 – Keep your cash close
If you are flying you want to keep your money and essential items close to you. Your carry on needs to include your passport and other important information and then you also want to add some entertainment devices to it as well like an iPod along with a book or something else to do while you are on the plane. Bring along a snack in case you get hungry and that tiny bag of peanuts or pretzels from the airline just won’t cut it for you! Don’t forget to grab some water after you get through security as well, this is also nice to have on the plane.

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