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How to see the most characters at Disneyland

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princesses2810620173_eb1cf6ac13One of the reasons people choose to go to Disneyland rather than another less expensive theme park is because of the character experiences and family friendly atmosphere. Kids love getting to see the characters live, especially those from their favorite shows.  However, sometimes, in order to see the characters you have to wait in long lines, and miss your favorites because they switch places before you get there. For example, even on a slow day, to see the Princess at Disneyland, the line is going to be an hour to two hours long, and you only get to see 3 Disney princesses.

So, what can you do to see the most characters during your stay at Disneyland, and make the most of your time to see them as well?

One of the best things you can do to see the most characters is to simply read the information you get when you enter the gate. The park has various places that have character visits all day long. If you know where they will be and when you can plan your day accordingly, and visit the rides that are close to it and that way you still get to have fun, and see the characters without wasting tons of time in line. If your child has a favorite character, and you want to make sure they get to see them, call Guest services, or guest relations, and ask when and where that character will be at the park. Then plan your day to help you get to see them.  The guest services is there to help you and help make sure your experience is awesome, so take advantage of it.

Wait by the entrance. Another thing you can do is chill out near the places where the characters come and go, when they are switching places. In some instances you will be able to see far more characters, and not have to wait in any lines at all.  The characters are really nice, and even though they are going to try and get back into the changing areas, etc. they will be nice enough to pose for a few pictures, and give your kids a hug or two.

Eat at Ariel’s Gratta. The Disney Princesses are a big draw, many little girls come dressed up to the parks, looking like their favorite Disney Princess. The problem is that often times the line to see them is long, and you only get to see 3, so if your favorite princess is not there, you are just out of luck. It costs over $30 a person to eat at the Gratta, but the princesses will all come to your table, and you get to see several of them, not just 3.

Go to the shows. There are several shows that go on during the day both at the Disney park and at California Adventure. Usually during the shows certain characters will come out on stage, and after the show you get to see them, get their autographs, and take pictures with them. This is a fun way to see the characters, and catch a show at the same time.

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