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Make the most of your time and money at Disneyland

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disneyfood20090605_0118-aWhile going to Disneyland is a lot of fun, especially for families with small children, it can be extremely expensive. The following is a look at how you can make the most of both your time and money when visiting the Disneyland park and California Adventure.

Pack your own food: the cost of food at a theme park, regardless of which one, is going to be extremely high. To get a child’s hot dog, a small bag of apple slices, and a drink (kid size) is going to cost you $7. The fact is that there are far better ways to spend your money when at the parks. You are allowed to bring food into the park, and so you should. Pack a water bottle, or beverage for each person, and some sandwiches, as well as a few other snacks. This will be easy to take in, you can put it all in a backpack or stroller. You will save a lot of money that way. Just be careful not to pack something that will go back if it is not refrigerated. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, some chips, crackers, fruit snacks, granola bars, etc. are all great options. You will not even feel like you are missing out because in addition to the savings on the cost of the food, you will save time too. You can eat while you wait in line for rides, while you take the train from one side of the park to another, or while you walk between attractions. Instead of waiting in long food lines, you eat right away for a fraction of the price.

Use FastPass, Rider Switch Passes, etc.: Disneyland is extremely family friendly, and they have set up several services to make it as convenient as possible for families with small children. The more popular rides offer what is called a Fast Pass. You insert your ticket, and you get a pass. Then you can come back to the ride an hour later, and you have an hour window to return, where you get to go to the fast line, instead of the standby waiting line. This can cut several hours out of your waiting time if you take advantage of it, and use it the whole day. If you really like a ride, grab an additional Fast Pass to come back and do it later. If you have children not tall enough for a ride, you can get what is called a Rider Switch pass that allows part of your party to ride, then the part that stayed off with the kids to get in the fast line to ride once you are done. This makes it possible for the adults to enjoy the rides that their kids can’t ride, without having to wait in long lines twice. For the parades, many people stake their spot and start waiting an hour or more before they start. If you visit guest relations, and ask for a reserved spot, they will reserve one for you, and you can ride rides and visit attractions for the time you would have been waiting, then simply go back ten minutes before the parade starts and be escorted to your reserved spot.

Don’t wait in line for characters: Some of the longest lines at Disneyland are those to see the Princesses and other characters. The trick is to wait outside of the lines. The characters switch off every hour or so, so if you wait by the changing area you can catch them coming or going rather than waiting in a long line. You often get more face time, and better photos this way as well.

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