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Making flights fun for kids

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airline_tickets_250x251There are so many things to worry about when going on vacation. You have to worry about what to take for yourself, make sure to get the kids all packed. Then once you get that done you have to worry about getting to the airport on time and checking all of you luggage in. Then after that huge process you board your flight and now you have to entertain your kids during the flight. So here are some tips to help make flights fun for kids and relieve some stress from at least one thing in your travel experience

The first tip to making flights fun for kids is to pick a game to play. Whether it be an I spy game or the Alphabet game where you try to find something on the airplane that starts with A and then goes all the way through the alphabet to Z. These are fun games that you don’t have to pack anything separate to take with you. As long as you are enthusiastic with what you are playing with the kids. They usually get excited and will be able to get through the flight without any tantrums.

The second tip to making a flight fun for kids is to take a hand held gaming machine. This will help keep them entertained for the whole flight. Maybe even buy a new game that you know they have been wanting but don’t give it to them till you have taken off. This will help them not get bored of the game because they have played it before.

The third tip to making a flight fun for kids is to take them a portable dvd player. Then you can buy them a new dvd or take some of their favorites dvd’s that they can watch once the plane is in flight. This will help because some of the movies shown on airplanes are movies kids are not interested in. So if you get them their own portable dvd player they can have their own ear phones and be able to be in a world of their own.

The fourth tip to making a flight fun for kids is if they are into reading. Buy them a new novel to read might be a good idea. This will keep them entertained throughout the whole flight and they will be learning at the same time.

The fifth tip to making a flight fun for kids is to buy them a miniature game of clue or chess or something like that. The mini travel boards are usually magnetized so you won’t have to worry about the pieces sliding all over the place.

The sixth tip to making a flight fun for kids is to take along the electronic games. Electronic games come in everything from Yatzee to Suduko. These are fun games that will entertain your kids for hours.

These are all tips to making flights fun for kids. The best thing to do is get something that they haven’t played with for a long time or buy something new. But don’t give it to your kids until you are in flight. This will help hold their interest because it is something new and unfamiliar so they will have more fun playing with it. So take a deep breath and figure out what would work best in making flights fun for your kids. This will help take some unnecessary stress off of you if you do not have to worry about a kid that is whinnying because they are board. So take a long a couple of activities for the kids Maybe put them in their carry on bags so yours isn’t so loaded and have a great flight in piece and quiet.

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