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Making your honeymoon spectacular without breaking the bank

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honeymoon.1Making your honeymoon spectacular without breaking the bank, use a honeymoon registry. There are often times couples start out with the things they need in their home, toasters, furniture, knives etc. However, the cost of the honeymoon is enough to break the bank. So there are ways with the honeymoon registry to have your guest’s purchase parts of your honeymoon to make it easier on you and you still get to do everything you dreamed of.

Depending on where you choose to go for your honeymoon will depend on what you want to have on your honeymoon registry. Here is a list of a few registry web sites that can set up your registry online.

Many of these sites offer free or low cost service, with good links to help you with planning your honeymoon easily and completely. This is dependent a great deal on what you want. There can be some places that have a set up fee, and little cost for the running it, or there are some with no set up fee, but there is a small cost for running it. The fun part about having your information listed on the Internet, you can check the updated comments from your friends and family as they go through the list you have left. It is easy, fun and convenient all the way around.

There are also options for creating your own list and contacting the locations you wish to stay in, the travel options, and dining options. Then you can list this information for your guests in addition to any luggage or stores that other items you may want will be purchased from. Your guests will be able to view this list from your own site or from the stores you register with.

A honeymoon registry makes it possible for your guests to give you the gift of memories. These are the memories that will last you a lifetime. The honeymoon registry is much like a wedding registry in the fact that the structure of the registry is to give your gifts something that they can work with to get you the gifts you need.

Starting with where you want to travel. Then you can start a list of what you will need. There are many things that are essential for a good trip. Here is a list of a few things you can think about having on the honeymoon registry.

  • Luggage
  • Airfare
  • Rental Cars
  • Honeymoon Suite
  • Cameras and Binoculars
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Champagne and Strawberries in your room
  • Flowers in your room

There are many options that you can consider. Think about all of the stops you would like to make, what you will be seeing and also what you will need. Then you can put this list of items on your registry.

There are usually post cards or little invitations to the registry that are used to invite family and friends to view the things you want and need. The registry service will set up for payments to come in for your gifts until roughly a week before the flight of the honeymoon.

On average a honeymoon registry used will be paid for in the amount of roughly 60% by your guests and then you will just pay the rest. This is a great way to keep some extra money for the fun things in your trip that you would not have had the money for.

For the most part a honeymoon registry will make the process of setting up the honeymoon easier and convenient. This will make your honeymoon spectacular happen without breaking the bank.

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