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Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center

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ArtsandculturalcenterWhen you think of Maui you think of beaches and sunshine, but there is more to Maui than surf and sun. Maui is also a place that is seeping with culture and arts. Culture comes as no shock to most because the local shows, Luaus, language and traditions are everywhere, but when people think of art they think London, Paris, etc. the art capitols of the world, not the island of tourism, Maui! But believe it or not, Maui offers great cultural and artistic experiences for visitors, and much of the experience is free of charge, or costs very little.

If you want to do something free and cultural don’t miss the Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center, which is located near Kahului Harbor. It is place worth seeing if you have any interest at all in arts or culture, whether it is Hawaiian culture or not.

What is so great about the Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center?
Let’s just put it this way. You are not visiting some Podunk little center, you are visiting a state of the art cultural and art center. You are bound to be wowed by what they offer. The Center’s art gallery alone features major exhibits and free admission Tuesday through Sunday from 11-5.

Not all parts of the Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center are free, but every part offers top-of-the-line exhibits, arts, and shows. The Center was designed to offer the best Maui has to offer in art and culture, so for an art and culture experience worth remembering you won’t want to miss it.

Tell me about the Center itself?
The Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center is a $32 million complex that overlooks the Kahului Harbor. It is the crux of the good entertainment and art scene on Maui. You won’t find another place that tops it in those categories.

The Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center was built in 1994, and has two theaters the main of which seats 1200 people. It has an outdoor amphitheater which is a lovely thing to have in Maui, especially with the fantastic weather. It offers an awesome art gallery that you can visit free of charge. It has a pa hula, a gift shop, classrooms, and meeting spaces.

What kind of shows can you see at the Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center?
The Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center offers a wide variety of shows that are sure to please just about anyone. For example, on Wednesday nights the Center partners with the Maui Film Festival to present independent and international films. Often times these sows also include food and beverages that are offered in-between shows or during intermission.

Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center also offers Hawiian entertainers such as HAPA, Barefoot Natives, Raiatea Helm, etc. Obviously not all of these groups are features there all the time, but it is a good sampling of the quality of entertainment the Center features. You are sure to be pleased if you want to see a cultural and native Hawaiian show.

Another great thing about Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center is that it is into humanitarian work. The center hosts several benefit concerts each year, and strives to improve the lives of people throughout the world, with donations, arts and culture.

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