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On shore activities you won’t want to miss on your Bermuda cruise

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steeldrums090109There are a lot of options for what you can do while you are on shore in Bermuda during your cruise.  In addition to visiting the many beautiful beaches and bays, there are historical sites, shopping and dinning sites that are sure to interest you.  But more specifically there are a few activities that you simply cannot miss if you visit Bermuda during certain times of the year.  These on shore seasonal activities are ones that you do not want to miss on your Bermuda cruise.

Bermuda Music Festival (October 3-6, 2007) – This annual event was formerly called the Bermuda Jazz Festival and features both vocal and instrumental musical talents.  The stage for the performers is built right over the water at the Royal Naval Dockyard.

World Rugby Classic (November 3-10, 2007) – This sporting event is also an annual affair and is sure to satisfy the most avid of sports enthusiasts while you are on your Bermuda vacation.  Bermuda’s Rugby Classic is held at the National Sports Centre in Devonshire.  This Seniors World Cup equivalent allows players who no longer play internationally to join their teammates and represent their country in this competition that has been described as both high-class and athletically extraordinary.

Bermuda Festival of Performing Arts (January-March of 2008, also held annually) – Held in Bermuda this fine festival combines the refined culture and beach retreat atmosphere that is unique to Bermuda.  Classical music and performing arts abound as international groups bring their talents in ballet, dance, classical music, gospel and jazz to this tropical island.  More specific dates and times of performances can be found by visiting the Bermuda Festival of Performing Arts website.

Bermuda Culinary Arts Festival (October 21-24, 2007) – This annual event is held in Bermuda at various hotels on the island.  World-renowned chefs are invited to come and display their skills.  Guest have the opportunity to sample their work and to watch the skills of the chefs in action.

If you were unable to catch one the exciting activities of Bermuda, do not worry.  There are also many historical sites to see that are available all year round.  In addition to the popular tourist attractions and beaches, the following historical sites provide visitors with a closer look at the story of Bermuda.

St. George – The town of St. George and former capital of Bermuda was home to the first colonial outpost of the British Empire in the Western Empire.  This quaint town offers all the sites and sounds as well as shopping and eateries for the Bermuda vacationer.

Fort St. Catherine in St. George Parish – This fort looks over the beach where the shipwrecked crew of the Sea Venture came ashore in 1609.  This crew became the first settlers of Bermuda.  Obviously this structure is very old and has undergone some re-structuring and building so there is an audiovisual representation to help you understand what you are seeing.

St. Peter’s Church (built in 1612) – Also in St. George Parish, this church is the oldest Anglican house of worship in the Western Hemisphere.   There was a time where just about everyone who died on Bermuda was buried here on church grounds.  This included everyone from the governors to the criminals.   There is however a separate graveyard for slaves that is to the west of the church.  A hurricane destroyed the original St. Peter’s Church in 1712 so the edifice you see today is actually part rebuild and part original interior.

Scaur Hill Fort Park – Fort Scaur and Fort St. Catherine in Sandys Parish were part of the British navy fortifications that surrounded Bermuda.  These forts served the purpose of protecting the threatened Royal Naval Dockyard from an attack that never actually occurred.  During World War II, the United States Marines used these forts.   Today they overlook some of the island’s most dramatic scenery.

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