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Packing for airplane travel

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When it comes to packing you might be like most Americans and absolutely dread this task. This is because you have to plan for so many little details and there are a lot of restrictions now when it comes to airline travel. Many people are unable to take their personal items on board because they violate safety regulations so you end up dealing with a lot of annoyances like this when you are traveling. To know what you can and cannot bring on the airplane, check with the airline you are flying with. They will let you know the items that are allowed and ones that are not. This will be able to help you pack smart and hopefully save yourself a lot of time in the security lines.

Airlines are now charging people for luggage so this is the time when you really want to pack light! You don’t want to be carrying around heavy bags through the entire airport plus you have to pay a pretty big fee just to bring the bags along. You might as well save yourself some time and opt for a light carryon bag and then one large checked bag. Just make sure you check on the weight limits so you do know how much money you will end up paying for the bag to be checked on the airplane.

As you are packing for your vacation, remember to avoid over packing. It is really easy to get carried away with packing and to pack your suitcase to the brim. You will probably end up with some souvenirs so it’s a good idea to leave some space for them so that you can bring them home without needing to buy another bag!

Before you start to pack, head over to and check out what the weather is looking like where you are headed. This way you won’t need to over-pack certain items like warm clothing if you are headed to a Beach. A single jacket should be sufficient and it will keep you warm on the plane as well. For the layered clothing, carry them on the plane with you or wear them on the plane. This way you have more space in your luggage and you will find that it is nice to have access to a jacket if the air on the plane starts to get a little cool.

Opt for lightweight shoes because they can really weigh your luggage down. If you want a heavier pair, wear those shoes on the plane. This way you will save money on your baggage when you check it and it needs to be weighed. It is also a good idea to look for travel sized items and other things as well in order to help you save space in your luggage along with saving money. Travel sized items are cheap and they are really lightweight. Contact the hotel you are planning to stay at and ask them if they have hairdryers and other items. This will also help you to save money and packing space as the hotel will likely offer a lot of these supplies.

Bring a book or some type of entertainment with you as there is always a chance that your flight could get delayed. You need to be prepared for sitting in airports for hours at a time. You also need to plan on things to do while you are sitting on the plane for several hours at a time. An iPod or music playing device is a must have item on the plane as it can get you out of conversations with annoying people that are sitting next to you.

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