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Planning your backpacking vacation

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Are you ready for your first backpacking vacation? Whether it is your first backpacking vacation or this is a common experience, it always helps to go over a packing list in order to make sure you don’t forget anything and also to make sure you will have a fun time.

Before you can get your packing list together you should first come up with a budget. This way you will know how much money you can spend on food and other supplies. Remember to add in additional money for emergencies like a flat tire emergency repair and additional gas expenses. This way you will be prepared for the trip and you won’t need to worry about where you can suddenly come up with an extra $150 on your trip.

As you start your list, remember to pack light! What you carry in, you must carry out so you really want to focus on packing lightly so you don’t kill your back with all the extra weight. Don’t overpack clothing as it does get really heavy and will take up a ton of room. Only pack one extra set of clothes and opt for lightweight clothing that dries quickly as you will likely walk through some streams and also deal with unexpected weather. You can take one extra set of clothes and wash the other set when you are at camp with just a bar of soap and warm water over the fire.

If there is extra room in your pack don’t focus on filling it up. Instead you will appreciate having the extra space so it won’t be as heavy to walk up a mountain. One other great option to consider is to pack more water purification tablets so you can clean water on the go. Keeping extra room in the pack is also a good idea because most people end up picking up a lot of extra things as they are hiking and stopping at gas stations and other things.

Before you start packing, always scout out your trip. There are a lot of people that get lost once they get on the trail so it is another good idea to carry along a GPS or tracking device with you. Never backpack alone and always tell other people where you are going, what your route is, and how long you will be gone. This is the best way to keep yourself safe in case you do get lost or if there is an emergency.

Look for a lightweight tent that is easy to pack. The tent needs to be just big enough to fit you or one other person. Do not opt for those larger tents, they are way too heavy to be packing on your back and taking up a hill. North Face Condor is a great tent that you can take with you for a fun backpacking vacation.

Now onto the essential gear, you need something to cook with. There are some backpackers that like to just use a good fire to cook up tinfoil dinners and other things but for many backpackers, taking a collapsible Coleman stove with you is a wise option. The Coleman Exponent Apex II is a great stove and a small gas tank will last you about 3 days.

Seek out a lightweight yet warm sleeping bag. You will greatly appreciate this when the temperature drops. Now you really need to focus on your shoes. You must get yourself a good pair of hiking shoes in order to grab onto the ground when you are hiking and to prevent blisters and a few other things.

Finally onto the food, opt for freeze dried food as it really does taste great but it is lightweight and affordable. You will appreciate some freeze dried ice cream after a long day of hard work!

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