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Six essentials to have on your honeymoon registry for London

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date19206008Your honeymoon registry is just not complete with out these six essentials necessary to make your list complete on your honeymoon registry for London. With so many couples having many household items already, the honeymoon registry is a great way to provide a suggestion lists to your wedding gifts. The list will make it so that many of the costs for your honeymoon are covered.

With your honeymoon to London planned, there are items that you can add to your honeymoon registry to create the perfect trip. Here is a list of the six essentials that you should have on your honeymoon registry for your London plans.

His and her matching luggage: Most couples start with many of the basics, however his and her matching luggage is usually not something that you have on hand. Your guests can purchase one or more of the pieces of a set of luggage that will help you and your significant other travel in class. There are many stores that this can be listed at. Each piece is listed around $100-$500 and as long as the same style and color is explained, one piece can be purchased for the couple. This way, whatever pieces are not gotten as a gift, you can purchase on your own.

Food, Food and more Food: Tasting the wonders of London will be a delicate delight in your trip. Therefore you can list several of the locations that you would like to eat at as you visit different areas of London. Then either through the registry service you go through, or the names of restaurants you are planning to dine at can sell certificates of complete meals. The cost for this is anywhere around $40 and up so what ever the guest wants to purchase. They can also purchase only the dessert or drinks.

Honeymoon Journal: The perfect way to remember each memory is to stop and take the time to put one or two memories in a honeymoon journal. This is a perfect gift for around $20.00. It can have pages to paste pictures in and places for short sentences to rind the memories true in your mind. The honeymoon journal can be purchased in many craft stores, through the online registry that you may go through or any store that you have found one that you are fond of. Be sure to leave a good description of the one you want in the registry.

Entertainment and Tours: You will be visiting many places on your honeymoon. Your guests can purchase tours for you from the Oxford, Stratford, and Warwick Castle, to the Westminster Abbey and the changing of the guards. If you want to get a little scared, you can even check out the Jack the Ripper walking tour. What ever sounds exciting and interesting to you, leave in the wedding registry list. You can have the entire tour purchased from anywhere of $50-$100.

Transportation and Rooms: Having your transportation cost, or your room costs covered in the form of a gift is a great way to help you save more money for sight seeing, gifts, and entertainment. You can list in your honeymoon registry the flight you plan to go on, the car you want to rent or the accommodations of the rooms you want to stay in. This way a guest of the wedding can purchase part of the stay or part of the cost of the transportation. The prices of all of this varies, so you will want to have instructions for partial amounts in addition to complete amounts of these options. One nights stay or one airplane ticket.

Flowers and Fruit: There are flowers and fruit that can be delivered to the honeymoon suite before the happy couple arrives. Through the honeymoon registry your guest can choose to purchase flowers and fruit for you and your significant other. This is around $40 and will create an ambiance of romance and comfort.

What ever your choices are to add to your honeymoon registry, remember it is your wedding and your honeymoon, create this dream your way and the rest will follow.

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