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Spend less money getting to Disneyland

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1-disneylandSo you have gotten to Anaheim. You have checked into your hotel. You have spent a week’s salary buying your tickets to the Disneyland Park. You woke up early. You got sunscreen on your kids. You packed a bag with snacks, etc.  Now it is time to get from your resort, hotel, time share, etc. to the park gates. What are your options? And, how can you get to and from for less?

Disney Parking: It costs money to park at Disneyland.  So, driving is going to be sort of a pain, as you have to  park in a lot pretty far from the gates, then walk anyway, so many find that the cost to park is not worth it, and choose to simply walk from their hotel. Of course, many also choose to park in there. There cost of parking is $12.00 for Cars and motorcycles; $17.00 for Oversized vehicles, motor homes and tractors without trailers; $22.00 for Buses and tractors with extended trailers

ART: This is a transit system that picks up passengers from various resorts and hotels in Anaheim at specified times. For example, they may pick up every 20 minutes starting on the hour.  The cost to use this bus type system is $4 per adult $3 per child for an all day pass. This means you can use it as often as you want, so if you leave the park for lunch, etc. you can use it. For a one way pass it is $3 for adults and $1 for kids.

Random services: Because so many people need to make it to Disneyland on any given morning there are some people who drive big buses or vans around and offer rides to the park for about $1 a person.  This is not a regular thing, and you may not be able to guarantee it, but the cost is far less than that of other options for getting from your hotel to the Disney park.

Walking: There are many resorts, hotels, and motels within a half a mile of the park entrance, and with year round good weather, walking is a viable option for getting to and from the park. It is free, and while it adds to your time, it saves you money.

Shuttles: Some hotels offer a free shuttle service to the park. Because the cost of getting to Disneyland can be high, especially if  you intend to go for several days, it may be wise of you to try and book your stay in a place that has a free service to the park and back. This will help alleviate the chore of figuring out your transportation to and from the park, and in addition to that saves you about $12 a day.

There are a lot of options for getting to Disneyland, so evaluate your needs and your budget. For the family with small children that may be returning to their room for a few hours during the day, a roundtrip or unlimited pass might be a good option. For others, a walk there, and a cheap ride back might be.

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