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Great family vacation destinations

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More great places to travel to and reasons why you would want to.

Tips for making the most of your visit to Disneyland

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There is perhaps no more iconic vacation then heading to Disneyland, in Anaheim, California. Visitors from around the world, make the pilgrimage to visit the original theme park. However, over the years Disneyland has grown larger and savvy travelers know that they need the inside information to make the most of their Disneyland visit. Here is the information that you need in order to have fun and create lasting memories. Here are some tips for making the most of your visit to Disneyland-
 Don’t lose your tickets-No matter what park you are going to, you need to guard your tickets carefully. It is important to understand that even if you have a copy of your tickets, Disneyland will not replace them. Because there are so many options for buying your tickets ahead of time, make sure that you stow them away carefully, and keep them secure while you are in the park.
 Dress for fun-Disneyland is not the place to debut your high fashion wardrobe, or wear your 5 inch high heeled summer sandals. The number one thing to remember is to wear comfortable shoes. In addition, keep in mind that even though it’s California, it can get cooler at night, after the sun goes down. Make sure that you have a sweater or hoodie that you can slip on.
 Limit what you carry-You’ll be surprised at how far you’ll walk during your time at Disneyland. Because of this you need to limit what you carry. If you need to carry a bag, make sure that it is as light as possible. If you can put stuff in your pockets, you’ll have a much better time. Don’t worry though, there’s no need to leave everything in the car (forcing you to trek out if you need something), you’ll find lockers inside and outside of the gates of the park. You can put in all your extra gear and then access it as you need it.
 There are places for help-Disneyland strives to be the best in guest service. If you or someone with you isn’t feeling well, then there is no need to leave the park. Simply head to the First Aid Center, where they can help treat that headache, blister or upset tummy. If your child becomes distraught because their balloon popped or souvenir broke, Disneyland provides a free replacement, on the same day, making sure that it stays the happiest place on earth.
 Don’t let the weather keep you away-Anaheim is known for having clouds in the morning and brilliant sunny weather during the day. Most often the weather improves by noon (just be sure to be prepared for rain), however, keep in mind most weather is mild in this area, and if it rains the lines will be shorter and crowds much thinner.
 Smoking is prohibited-Smokers should keep in mind that the smoking laws in California are strict. Don’t think about breaking them, and realize that smoking is even more prohibited inside Disneyland (even though its outdoors).
 Size really does matter-There are height restrictions on some of the rides, so if you are going to Disneyland with a smaller child, it pays to know this before you go. Be sure to measure their height before you get to the park. This way you will know what rides they can and cannot go on. This will make for a much happier visit, for everyone. Remember, the height restrictions are there to keep your child safe, so don’t even ask for an exception.
 Consider taking a break-There really is no place like Disneyland, but by early afternoon it can become sensory overload, for kids and adults alike. Consider taking a break, returning to your hotel (just get your hand stamped), and then returning in the late afternoon when the temperatures and cooling and the crowds thin out for dinner.

Tips for taking a happy family vacation

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If you are a parent you may look back longingly on those trips that you took before having kids. You may remember wistfully when going on a trip meant nothing more then booking tickets and throwing a few things into a bag. Traveling with your kids can mean packing multiple bags and making complicated plans but it can be rewarding and fun. Family vacations can be the perfect time to reconnect with your family and create some life long memories.

Missing school for family vacations

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Because of school schedules, there are often only a few weeks a year your family can travel or go on a family vacation without missing school. Unfortunately the school schedules do not always jive with the schedule of mom and dad’s work, and the times when travel is the cheapest. Sometimes it works best for the family to simply pull the kids out of school for a family vacation.

Long drives with kids

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Driving to a vacation destination has its pros and cons, one of the cons being the frustration that occurs if you have kids in the car. Long drives with kids can be difficult; it can make the start or end of a vacation far less enjoyable. The following is a look at how to make long drives with kids, far more enjoyable.

How to make family vacations more fun for everyone

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Family vacations-a phrase that can make you smile with tender memories, or cringe with thoughts of how horrible they were. In many cases a family vacation are not much fun because they are a lot of whining and crying, and yelling. The following are some tips for how to make family vacations more fun for […]

Family vacations to casinos, pros and cons

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Family vacations to casinos, pros and cons

Vacation ideas for families with tots

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Toddlers can be fun to travel with if you choose a good destination, and go prepared.