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Visit `Iao Valley

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One of the wonders of Maui is the beauty of the rich plant life, and diversity the island offers. While many plants that are located on the island have made it famous, the majority did not originate there.

Try Paragliding

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If you want to take a flight, and I mean a real flight, paragliding is the way to go. There is no boat, no motor, no jumping off anything, just run down a hill and you take flight.

Take a Helicopter Tour

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Helicopter tours have become one of the signature attractions that Maui holds. Why?

Sail to Lana’I on Trilogy

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Maui is an island teeming with tour companies offering various activities at various prices to the many tourists and visitors of Hawaii. One such company found on Maui is Triology Excursions.

Look at Real Estate

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We all know the feeling that our vacation was just not long enough, and that if we could only live the vacation life forever, wouldn’t that be great? When you visit Maui and your vacation is drawing near an end you might start to get the feeling that you never want to leave, especially if you are heading back to a much colder climate.

How to get around on Maui

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The following is the top 5 ways to get around on Maui

Golf on Maui

Maui offers a variety of golf courses to choose form. The atmosphere, price, and overall experience is going to be different from one course to another, but all of Maui’s golf courses are beautiful, and what lovelier a place to golf than Maui?

Two of the more popular golf options on Maui are Lana’i and Moloka’i. There is nothing typical about either of these golf course, except that they have grass and you hit off a tee and you swing a club.

So which of the two courses is going to suit you best? Let’s put it this way, if you want to get all decked out in the newest and finest golf attire, part with a wad of cash for an afternoon of golf, and tackle two of the most challenging and beautiful courses in the world then you want to golf at Lana’i.

Many people will tell you that golfing at Lana’I is the ultimate golfing experience, not just because of the course but because of the dress code and the fees. Of course, some would rather go there simply die to the prestige that it has. The Challenge at Manele was designed by Jack Nicklaus. This golf course has won several top awards from Golf Magazine, and is known for its 12th hole. The 12th hole requires the player to hit the ball 200 yards, from one cliff to another with nothing in between but the Pacific Ocean. That is a challenge that any golfer should enjoy.

Th other golf course in Lana’I us called The Experience, and that is exactly what it is. It is at Koele and was designed by Greg Norman. This course is incredible to look at even if you aren’t playing. The course features views of all four other islands, and is just incredible. The 8th hole is the signature hole at this course as the hole drops more than 250 ft while the 17th hole is completely encompassed by water. It is a sight to be seen, and a beauty you will enjoy.

If you want to play at either of these two courses you had better book your tee time in advance. They are very popular and tend to stay busy, so don’t miss out on the Experience and the Challenge because you procrastinated calling to book in advance. Also, you will need to show up wearing a collared shirt and slacks or golf shorts, which cannot be more than an inch above the knee, and you must be wearing closed toes shoes with no metal spikes in them. As silly as this sounds you’d be surprised how many people show up in swim trunks and flip flops.

If you would rather play in a more laid back atmosphere, or spend less cash you best bet is to golf in Moloka’i. In Moloka’I you’ll find a fairly recently renovated 18 hole course. The rates are low and affordable, and the scenery is delightful. It does not offer the grandeur of the Lana’i courses, but is bound to be relaxing, beautiful and fun. The course does not offer golfing over cliffs or surrounded by water, it does however feature the natural terrain and narrow fairways you expect. There are some tough bunkers and water hazards to maneuver around, so you won’t be bored.

If you need golf equipment because you did not bring your own there are several places you can rent Clubs, and most course offer club rentals with discounted rates if you are golfing at the course that day. Or if you really want to be a big spender you can get custom built golf clubs made just for you while you are on the island.

Go Exploring on Maui

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One of the fun things to do on Maui is to go exploring. Of course you will want to check with your rent a car company first, to make sure there are not any roads that you are restricted from driving on, as there are a number of roads in Maui that are rugged to say the least.

Hit the Mountains on an ATV

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When people think of Hawaii, and especially Maui they usually think of beaches, surfing, laying out, sunshine, the works. But, despite popular belief, there is a lot more to Maui than the sun and the beach.

3 great resort choices in Maui

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3 great resort choices in Maui

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