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Travel tips for a single woman

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Tips for single women to be safe while traveling.

Tips for staying safe while traveling

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Everyone wants to believe that their vacation will be safe and without incident. For thousands (if not millions) of travelers every year, this is generally true. Unfortunately, many travelers find themselves victim of all sorts of crimes, ranging from fraud to more serious physical crimes. Not only will this ruin your hard earned vacations, but it can serious and long lasting consequences. The good news is that there are things that you can do, that will reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime, while you travel.

Planning a visit to the Rocky Mountains

August 31, 2011 by  
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Throughout North America and Canada are the Rocky Mountains. This is one of the largest mountain ranges in North America and they have peaks that are some of the highest in the world and home to excellent climbing. Anyone that loves to hike and climb should consider a vacation to explore the beautiful Rocky Mountains and really look over the beauty of these mountains.

Tourist safety

July 1, 2011 by  
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Being a tourist in a foreign country can mean having a target on your back. You become the focus of scams, fraud, and theft. While it is wonderful to be able to go and see the sights, and wonders a new place has to offer, it is equally nice to know that you are going to be safe and not be taken advantage of when you do it.

Driving to your vacation-driving safety

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Road trips are a lot of fun if you make it through them safely. So, the following is a look at how to make driving to your vacation a positive thing.

What kind of travel insurance should you get, if any, for your cruise vacation?

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Is travel insurance important, and what kind should you purchase for a cruise vacation?