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If you lose everything while traveling

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What to do if you lose everything while traveling

Pickpockets when traveling

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Tips to not get have things stolen while traveling.

Careful travelers save money

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This post has useful tips for saving money while traveling.

Avoiding thieves while traveling

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Many people dream of traveling the world, and when they get the chance, they pack their finest camera, their trendiest clothes, their fancy jewelry, and they set out. Then they discover that many of the big cities in the world (particularly those in Europe) are fraught with pickpockets and scammers.

Your flight attendant spilled on you, now what

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Have you ever been flying and had the flight attendant drop hot coffee on you, or slosh cranberry juice on to your sweater? It happens, flight attendants trip, airplanes hit bumps, and sometimes people are just not as careful as they should be. However, if a flight attendant spills on you, what is the protocol? What should they do to make it up to you? When is it something you can be upset over, and when is it something you should brush under the rug as human error?

Safety considerations in travel

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These days the airport security is really beefed up, and safety considerations are at an all time high, however, there are safety considerations besides terrorism that the average traveler should consider and plan for when traveling.

Holiday travel safety

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Traveling during the holidays can be fraught with peril because there are so many others traveling as well. The holidays are a time to go home, be with family, celebrate etc. While this is wonderful, it often leads to increased accidents because of distraction, intoxication, etc.

Tourist safety

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Being a tourist in a foreign country can mean having a target on your back. You become the focus of scams, fraud, and theft. While it is wonderful to be able to go and see the sights, and wonders a new place has to offer, it is equally nice to know that you are going to be safe and not be taken advantage of when you do it.

Senior Travel

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As a senior, traveling becomes a lot of fun.