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The money savers to know when traveling

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Knowing the tricks to saving money when traveling can mean you are able to do a lot more with your vacation dollars. Here are a few tips for how to save money when traveling, when to spend, and when not to.

When renting a car it is best to check with your personal car insurance first to see if they cover rentals. Most, or at least many, do, and paying extra is just that—extra! Don’t pay for CDW, instead, buy it through a third party, or use a gold credit card which covers it automatically, it will save you about $20 a day.

Buy yourself a refillable water bottle. Tap water is free just about everywhere you go, and can save you tons of money when traveling. If you want a soda, juice, etc. buy it at a grocery, not at a restaurant, you will save a bundle. Most countries have drinkable tap water, at least those in Europe, but if you are worried, for about $20 you can buy a self filtering water bottle that can easily be filled at any fountain, etc. It will save you as much as $15-$30 a day on beverages, as well as help you stay hydrated during your travel.

Use your coins. Most of the time, if you are going somewhere with a new currency, you will be able to exchange bills to get the currency you need, but coins are not exchangeable, and so they become expensive souvenirs. Save money by purchasing snacks, etc. with the coins that would become worthless to you otherwise. In Europe you may get 2 Euro coins that are worth about $3, if you have several that is wasted money.

Find value for the money you do spend. It is often worth it to pay a little more for a bed you can sleep in so that you have energy the next day to site see, but remember that you don’t need to pay for things you won’t use. You may want to forgo the $15 a night room, but also forgo the $150 a night room and find something in the middle, or pay for a couchette in the train to sleep while you travel.

Don’t spend money communicating, instead take advantage of free wifi, and use Skype, Email, Facebook, etc. to stay in touch while you are traveling.

Don’t waste money hauling your stuff around while you travel. These days you have to pay for bags, so pack light, only take a carry on, and save yourself a great deal in not just airline fees, but also on tips for porters, etc. Wear your clothes several times, and take a long a small packet of laundry soap just in case.

Eat from the grocer deli, or make a picnic lunch to save on food costs, and don’t over tip.

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