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Things you should know before booking a cruise

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There are few people who are not drawn to the allure of a cruise. One of the major benefits of cruising is the fact that you can get onto the ship, unpack and then spend the rest of the week (or more) enjoying yourself, while someone else takes care of everything. However, before you head to your ship there are certain things that you should take into consideration, before head off to the high seas. Here are some things that you should know before booking a cruise-
•    Learn about the cruise lines-Not only is every cruise line not equal, they appeal to different people. Are you looking for a fun party atmosphere or are you booking a cruise for your family?  Different cruise lines will have different aspects to their ships, so it pays to do some research, before you book. That way you will more likely be able to book the right cruise, for your needs.
•    Ask a professional-The argument rages on about whether you need a travel professional to book your cruise. Some people prefer to leave the booking to a travel agent (many who specialize in cruises) while other people feel perfectly comfortable booking their own cruise. Even if you plan on booking your own cruise, it can’t hurt to chat with your travel agent. He or she may have access to certain discounts, sailings and other perks that come to those people in the travel industry. They can also serve as a guide as to what kind of cruise you want to take based on your needs and preferences.
•    Consider an off season cruise, or a repositioning-If you want to save substantial money you may want to look at cruises that go in the off season or when the ship is repositioning. An offseason cruise can save you even up to half of the fare, of the peak season cruise and you still get to enjoy all of the that ship and the ports offer. Keep in mind that the weather of your destination may not be as wonderful as it is during the peak season, but many travelers find this a small price to pay, for a big savings. A repositioning cruise is when the cruise line is sending the ship off to a new port. This cruise may be only one way, meaning that you fly to one city to get on a ship, and then have to fly home from another city, after the ship reaches their new port. While this can cost you a little more in airfare, it is often made up by the substantial discount of a taking a repositioning cruise.
•    Determine your rooms needs carefully-The majority of cabins on any cruise ship are in a word small. However, if you are the type of cruiser who will only be using their room to change clothes’ and grab a few hours of sleep before running out to the next activity, then you may want to book an inside cabin. Keep in mind that you won’t have a window and the accommodations can be small, however, you can save substantially on the price of your cruise. If you are someone who needs a view out of the ship or pictures yourself sitting on a balcony enjoying the sunset as the ships sails, then pick a room to accommodate your needs. While price has to be considered, it can be a long cruise if you are not in the right room, so do your homework and decide what will work best for you.
•    Understand what is included-All inclusive can mean very different things between different cruise lines. Before booking you should check to see exactly what is included in your cruise fare. Most cruise lines cover the lodging, food and onboard entertainment. You will need to be prepared for any extras such as shore excursions, spa treatment and alcoholic beverages.

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