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Tips on choosing a cruise line

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people_10One of the most relaxing vacations you can choose is a cruise, but it’s important to choose the cruise line that best fits your needs.  Each cruise line caters to a different crowd and has many different options to make your vacation perfect.  Here are some tips on choosing the right cruise line:

  • Determine who will be going on the vacation.  Some cruise lines cater to an older crowd, with activates that are based on an older age group, while others cater more to families.  Some cruises have kids clubs and activates onboard that attract younger kids, such as popular cartoon characters or teen dance clubs.   It is also nice for parents to find a cruise line that offers babysitting, to allow for grown-up time; free from the children.  The cruise lines that attract an older crowd offer more sightseeing and low key activities, such as wine tasting and on shore bus tours.
  • Find out where each cruise line stops.  A lot of cruise lines own private islands and make stops at these mini resorts.  It would be helpful to see what each private island offers to make sure it matches what you had in mind.  Also, not all cruise lines stop at the same locations.  If your looking to stop at a certain place, make sure that the cruise line offers that location.  Also, decided if your looking for a beach vacation, or a tour through Europe.  Each cruise line offer many different types of vacation.
  • Check out the shore excursions that the ship offers.  Most cruise lines offer basic shore excursions such as snorkeling or sightseeing bus tours, but some offer more adventurous shore excursions like kayaking or rainforest tree top tours.  If you like more exciting activates look for a cruise line that offers more than the basic beach activates.  It’s important to compare prices of excursions as well.  It’s not helpful to find an excursion that fits your needs if you can’t afford it.
  • Some cruise lines are more structured than others.  If you like to have things planned for you, look for a cruise line with scheduled dinners and shows.  If that’s not your idea of fun, ask about different dining options and activates that don’t need to be scheduled.  Most cruise line do have structured times that you need to be back on the ship, so check to see what that time is, if you like to see the nightlife at the places you are stopping.
  • Look in the internet for virtual tours of the staterooms.  A lot of the older cruise ships have been renovated and many offer more modern rooms, offering more living space and bigger bathrooms.  Also, in the older ships, the cheaper staterooms usually come with two twin beds, which can ruin a romantic vacation, or if only one double bed is offered it could make friends sharing a room uncomfortable.  Make sure you know what your getting in your stateroom to plan accordingly.
  • Check out the onboard amentias.  Some of the different cruise lines offer things like a rock climbing wall or a surfing pool.  If your looking for something more low key, this might not be for you.  Again, a virtual tour of the ship online might be very helpful.

Choosing a cruise line can be a very personal choice.  Make sure to check out  all the options, such as staterooms, shore excursions, on board activates, and scheduling to find the right cruise line and have the most relaxing vacation possible.  It is important to fit the needs of all the people going on your vacation.

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