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Toddlers and travel, how to make it easy

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carseat30326749There are many things that you have to worry about when you are traveling. You have to worry about what to pack and what to pack for you toddler. You then have to worry about if you have packed enough for your toddler of if you should have packed more. Here are some tips on toddlers and travel and how to make it easy.

The first tip for toddlers and travel and how to make it easy is making sure that you have packed enough diapers and diaper wipes. The best way to decide how many diapers you are going to need is by trying to think about how many time you change your toddlers diaper every day. Once you have a number add ten to fifteen more diapers. This will help you to make sure that you have enough. You never know if your toddler will have an accident and have to use more than is expected. Also with wipes if you are going for a week you might want to just take a whole bag of diaper wipes. This will insure that you have enough.

The second tip for toddlers and travel and how to make it easy is making sure you bring them enough clothes. Toddlers get into everything so you want to make sure you have enough clothes for them. Make sure to take at least one extra pair of clothes per day that you will be there. You might also want to think about taking an extra pair of pajamas. This way you won’t have to worry if your toddler spills something on themselves because you will have a back up pair. This will make it easier for you because you won’t have to stress out about not having enough clothes.

The third tip for toddlers and travel and how to make it easy is take things that will entertain them. This might be hard because at this age their attention span isn’t very big. This is why you will want a couple of different activities for them to do. Take books that have bright colors and sparkly things that they can look at. Think about taking shoes for them so you can walk them around so they can discover the new things that they are seeing. When all else fails bring some food that they can snack on.

The fourth tip for toddlers and travel and how to make it easy is to take a back pack that you can carry them around in. Make sure to take one that they will be facing outwards and not facing towards your chest. This will help them to be able to feel like they are part of the activity. This will help them to be occupied with things so they aren’t crying and wining the whole time.

The fifth tip for toddlers and travel and how to make it easy is making sure if they have a certain time they take naps make sure to give them that time. They will be out of their familiar surrounding and if you don’t let them have their naps it will be harder on you. So don’t try to deal with a grouchy baby. Let them take a nap so they can enjoy traveling as much as you do.

All of these tips will hopefully help you to travel with your toddler a little easier or at least help you to get some ideas of how you can help your toddler to be happy and still enjoy traveling. Do not stop traveling just because you have a toddler just try to find new ways to make traveling easier for you then you can enjoy your toddler and traveling all at the same time.

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