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Travel discounts for student

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In many countries and travel destinations students can get discounts. If you are a student and want to travel the world, it is worthwhile to ask about discounts for students, and book with companies that offer student discounts. In addition to seeking discounts especially for students, look for other ways to travel for less:

First, take advantage of websites designed specifically for student discounts such as This particular site offers discounts from several different hotel chains, and other travel options, for example, you can get 20% off Wyndham Hotels, discount with CheapOstay and STA. They also offer other travel and non-travel discounts for students.

If those prices are still above your price range, consider hostels. Hostels are perfect for the solo student traveler, or a student traveling with friends. They are usually dormitory style, and offer low cost options for a place to rest your head, no frills, but the opportunity to meet other travelers and see the world at a low price. Here are a few websites that are good for finding a hostel:,, and These sites also offer discounts to students, or pricing that is better than the typical student discount anyway. Another great option is couch surfing. This is a program set up for students to stay at one another’s apartments, dorms, homes, etc. and sleep on couches. It is a little risky, but can help you meet people all over the world and have a free place to stay. Check it out at

Whether or not you can get a student discount depends on your destination. It is a good idea to simply ask about it, as you might not be offered a discount otherwise. Many companies, from cruise companies to airlines and everything in between offer both senior and student discounts, but won’t ask you if you qualify for them, rather they provide them upon request. Ask, ask, ask, and you will save, save, save.

In addition to student discounts for travel, there are other ways to save. When traveling, if you can, have picnics and buy food at the local grocer rather than eating out. For $10 anywhere in the world you can get a pretty decent picnic for two and save tons as opposed to eating in a café even. Consider sleeper train cars when traveling across Europe, gets you where you want to go, and costs less than a European hotel. If renting a car, look for a group as the cost per person goes down when the number of people goes up. Don’t rent a car if you can help it, instead take advantage of public transportation. It costs less, and you don’t have to worry about theft, accidents, parking, etc. Travel at the right time. If you travel during shoulder seasons you still get good weather, etc. but you get discounted rates. Travel smart!

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