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Travel tips for a single woman

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Travel tips for a single woman
Meta Description: Travel tips for a single woman
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If you are traveling as a single woman, there are a lot of risks. While it may be fine in some destinations, it can often be a very dangerous thing, especially if you travel to countries where you do not speak the native language. Single women are targets for many predators and without the right type of protection you will be putting yourself into a very dangerous situation.

As a woman you do need to learn self-defense and how to properly protect yourself in any situation. Many women will be just fine when they travel alone but unfortunately there are some that are more vulnerable or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is important that women take caution and look for ways to provide extra security to themselves when traveling alone such as staying in public areas versus going to quiet or densely populated areas.

Besides watching where you place yourself, you also need to purchase some protection products that can prevent someone from attacking you. Pepper spray is a popular option as you can keep it on your keychain and it can give you a few precious seconds to run away. A stun gun is another option to consider in order to protect yourself from predators. They too can prevent a person from attacking you or they will be able to get  a person off you if they are trying to attack you. Take a class so you know how to properly use them as you don’t want to just pull it out and then not know what to do with it.

Studies do show that attackers tend to choose people that are alone. This is why you need to travel with a friend or a companion as you do not want to put yourself into a situation that is easy for an attacker. Always tell someone where you are going on vacation and set up pre-determined phone call times with them. This way your loved one or friend will know instantly if there is a problem since you missed your phone call. Keep a cell phone on you so they can try calling you if you do miss a phone call time. If you travel to a remote location it is vital that you tell someone where you are going or you could end up in a situation that is very dangerous. Take a lesson from people that have been in car wrecks and other situations where you need help and no one knows where you are.

Trust your instincts when you are traveling alone. If you do not feel right about a situation, you need to trust your gut and get out of the situation! Never walk down dark alleys, especially alone. If possible research the area that you are going and get the phone numbers of the local authorities so you can call them if you do need protection.

Always be careful about walking at night. Try to leave places at sunset so you can get home before the night sets in. Do not wear revealing clothing. If you do, bring a jacket with you so you can cover yourself up and prevent people from seeing you in this manner.

Try to avoid wearing a purse and keep your money and valuable in your front pockets. If you do wear a purse always wear it across your body versus on your shoulder where it is easier for people to grab. Never tell strangers where you are going or what your travel plans are.  This poses an easy access to you and it could cause you to be in a bad situation.

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