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Vacation ideas for families with tots

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carseat30326749When you have toddlers, going to the grocery store can be difficult, so where in the world could you go on vacation that would not be so hard you would come home ready for another vacation? Well, it is true, there are not many places that are appropriate for toddlers. However, the following are some vacation ideas for families with tots:

  1. San Diego: While San Diego has great golf courses, shopping, and other activities geared to the older crowd, they also offer plenty of attractions to entertain a toddler. Like what? The San Diego Zoo is world famous for its extensive collection of animals, and what child does not love to look at animals? You could spend an entire day at the zoo and your toddler will have tons of fun. There are shows throughout the day that feature many of the different animals at the zoo, from the seals to the birds. If your toddler does not get enough animals at the zoo, you can go to the Wild Animal Park and get a look at some more animals, only in their own setting. San Diego also has Legoland close by. Legoland was designed just for children, but don’t worry, you will love it too, you will be amazed at the gorgeous creations made of LEGO’s. Of course you can also go to the beach, but be sure to get sunscreen on your child, and unless you want to be changing diapers full of sand, try not to let them eat the sand.
  2. Disneyland: Disneyland is known for being a great attraction for children of the elementary age, but it works for toddlers too. Disneyland has all of your toddlers favorite characters, and just seeing their heroes from the movies in real life will entertain, excite, and thrill your child. However, throw in some shows, a few rides, and theme park treats, and your toddler is sure to be pleased. If you stay at the Disney resorts you also get other additions and excitements. Your toddler will be so exhausted after a day of seeing so many of their favorite characters, that they will pass out early and let you  enjoy your evening.
  3. Disneyworld: of course this is going to offer the same advantages as Disneyland. However, the climate is slightly different, and the other activities besides the park are slightly varied. Disneyworld is larger, has more to offer, and is just as much fun for your toddler.

Just because you have a toddler does not mean you can’t vacation. The truth is, as long as your toddler does not have to sit still too long, and gets some attention and stimulation throughout the day, they will enjoy almost any vacation. Remember, whenever traveling with toddlers, keep a pack of essentials. What are the essentials? Keep some wipes on hand. Even if your child is no longer in diapers, wipes are a handy and convenient way to clean up before eating, and after, wipe a runny nose, etc. Make sure you have some snacks. When a toddler gets hungry, they are not really up for waiting in the food court lines. So, while Dad goes to get the dippin’ dots and funnel cake, hand your toddler some animal crackers, raisins, or whatever their favorite food is. This will keep them satisfied until you can get them something else. Keep sunscreen, a hat, and a toy for the downtimes. Toddlers can be a lot of fun to vacation with, but choosing the right destination and being prepared for their needs is super important.

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