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Vacation questions

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When you travel, a little planning, and asking yourself the right questions can impact the success of your trip. The following are some good questions to ask yourself when vacationing or traveling, especially if you are going to invest a lot of time or money into your travel:

Where should we go and when? The time of year you visit various locations can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy them. For example, Rome in the summer is hot and crowded, but go in early spring and you will see nice weather, fewer people, and will love it. Consider the time of year, and the best times to visit the destination of choice.

What’s the best way to do everything on a moderate budget? Look into your options. If you are visiting a big city like LA, for example, and are going to be doing a lot of the main attractions, purchasing a city pass, or Go card might save you a lot of money, versus paying full price at the gates. If you are going abroad, learning the tips for finding low cost lodging, and food that is affordable can save you hundreds.

What are the sites we definitely shouldn’t miss? The best way to figure this out is to get a guidebook, preferably one that is up to date. This way you can determine what you are interested in, what is not going to work for you (a tour of churches may not be fun with children, for example), and what sites are worth every penny.

What cool things are there to do besides visit sites in the various places? Are there foods you should try? Are there parks or beaches, hikes, or nature preserves, or something that is a lot of fun? Again, a guidebook can help you figure this out.

Where should we stay? Loding can be a big chunk of a vacation fund, choosing the right lodging though makes all the difference.  If you are going to a big city full of sites to visit, you may not want to pay extra for a resort type hotel, and instead go for the basics as you may not spend much time there. Do you have family or friends you could stay with for free?

What is the best way to get around? Rail passes, metro cards, bus tickets, taxis, rental car, the options are endless, and the costs vary widely. You may end up paying far more than you would ever think for parking in a rental car, or save a ton by spending next to nothing taking the metro. Look into your options so you can have a plan in place.

How should you pack? Knowing what to bring and packing light can make any vacation better. Will you be able to do laundry? If so, pack even lighter. What will the weather be like? How much stuff can you bring according to the airline before you have to pay extra?

Asking yourself a few simple questions can help you plan the basics and have a fantastic trip.

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