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What destinations and stops are the best for European cruises?

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London-England2When you are cruising through the oceans surrounding Europe, there are some places that need to be seen before you go back to your not so great home in the United States. There are hundreds of destinations and stops on European cruises that are worth the time and thought to go to. It is a matter of sorting what you like the best versus what you don’t care too much about seeing. Here are a few of those golden places to stop and see.

Why not start at the mouth of the North Sea at work your way down the coast of the United Kingdom?  You could start in the northern part of Scotland and take a tour of the Orkney Islands. When your cruise liner ports at the Scottish town of Wick, you can hop onto an Aberdeen ferry and work your way through the ancient landscape of these primitive islands. Visit the most populated towns of Kirkwell and Stromness in these rocky green islands of enchanting beauty.

After you are through visiting the Orkney Islands, continue heading south and take port into Edinburgh, Scotland. This charming city not only has the beauty of a Celtic seaport town, it is also filled with some of the worlds greatest entertainment. It being the worlds capital for Theater, come during the summer months of August and July and experience a festival of the arts and entertainment like you have never seen before in your life. The city will dazzle you with its crazy history, tradition, and even modern ways of life that only a Scottish person could show you.

After you’ve intoxicated yourself with that fine stop, get back on that boat and continue down the coast of England and take port in the most famous city of them all, London, England. Instead of walking about the city, why not take a river boat inland and ride the famous river Thames and enjoy the British countryside with all of its natural beauty. Along the way, make stops for Reading and Oxford. These historical towns are not only some of the gems of the British countryside, they are also very comfy cities with surrounding towns that offer a look at the comfortable life a British chap. Taking a stop and having a swig in a pub (known as a bar to Americans) and have a pint with some of your new chums you met in the street during your adventure through the city. Having this experience will really bring the British culture to life as you experience it first hand for yourself.

Continue on the cruise liner farther south and work your way into the English Channel. This large body of water is connected by and underground railroad subways system so that you can ride from France to England and vice versa without getting onto a boat. After riding the Chunnel, as it is called, visit the Isle of White on the Southern tip of Great Britain. This beautiful island contains some of the world’s most stunning and breathtaking gardens. These well-kept pieces of heaven will lift your spirits and leave you wanting more of it. This stop is definitely one for those who want to sit and enjoy nature at its most stunning. There are also castles and towns on the Island that make a great time to visit.

While Europe is huge and there are literally thousands of places to visit, starting somewhere and taking a comprehensive tour of a piece of it will make your vacation a memorable one.

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