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What electronic devices do you like to travel with?

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When you travel, what are some of the electronic devices that you like to take with you and why? Knowing the best devices to take can help you reduce your risk of lost or stolen electronics, damaged electronics, and give you the best portable communication devices available. Here are some of the top electronic devices to travel with and why:

An electronic handheld scale: Airlines are getting pickier and pickier with luggage and charge an arm and a leg for luggage that is overweight, etc. It is a simple matter to take along those small hand held electric scales that are no bigger than 6 inches to help you pack properly, and not have suitcases that weigh too much. A suitcase over the allowed 50 pounds can cost you $100. It might be worth throwing out something that costs far less to get you under the weight.

iPad: The iPad is a great device to travel with because it allows you to do many things, has internet capability, and you can use it to Skype. Skyping is a low cost or free way to stay in touch with family and friends, business associates, etc. when you travel. A computer can do the same things, but an iPad is lighter, easier to take in a purse of briefcase, and offers convenience. In addition, a tablet device offers you the convenience of many other devices, such as a reader, music storage, movies, internet, notes, etc.

A lightweight notebook or net book computer: Having the ability to access the internet from your devices when traveling makes communication easier. A lightweight laptop computer can give you access to the latest news, email, Skype, etc. without any fear of roaming or International searching charges showing up on some bill.

Unlocked phone: Many times when you travel overseas you can purchase a local SIM card which makes your calls far less expensive, and allows you to stay in communication without the insane roaming fees when you use your state based cell phone plan or SIM card.

When you travel, especially if you are traveling overseas, the best devices to take are the ones that pick up wireless, which is almost every device, but many times you get charged when your phone is on for roaming, and if you have it in airplane mode, etc. it won’t pick up wireless. You will want a device to Skype with as you can call computers or phones for a low rate or free. It is the cheapest option for communicating when you are international. Skype has plans starting as low as $3 that allow for computer or device to phone calls anywhere in the world, and computer to computer calls are totally free. You may want to bring along a junk phone that is unlocked with SIM card slot for an international SIM.

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