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What should you do in Hawaii?

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Are you planning a vacation to Hawaii? What are some of the things that you need to do? In Hawaii there is so much to do that you definitely won’t be bored at all! Hawaii is a land of beauty as you can watch volcanoes erupt one moment and swim with dolphins the next minute. Since Hawaii is considered Paradise by many, it is common to see people come back to visit several times. Whether you are coming here for a Honeymoon or a romantic trip or a family vacation, there are several things you can do that will keep you occupied. Hawaii is made up of several islands, some of which offer solitude while others will offer you popular vacation and tourist attractions. Each island is made up of very different things to do but each one is gorgeous and will offer similar and different activities.

Plan out your trip before you get there so you don’t miss the “must-see” things. Travel companies will be able to help you out with the lodging, air fare, and even tickets to some of the must see attractions in Hawaii. They can also help you get an exotic car rental if you would like to drive around Hawaii in a convertible. Here are some of the “must-do” things on your list when you visit Hawaii:
•    Waimea Canyon by Helicopter – taking a helicopter tour of Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous and you will appreciate it for sure. Take a helicopter tour of Waimea Canyon, this is where you have some of the world’s most beautiful cliffs and sea views. You can also take a tour of Haleakala Volcano, which is an active volcano! It’s really impressive to see it in the sunset hours or at night as you can watch this incredible views of an active volcano as you watch lava spew from it and hit the ocean.
•    Whale Watching – you should plan on taking a whale watching boat ride. It is amazing to watch these large, beautiful creatures swimming through the ocean. Many of the snorkeling tours will take you on whale watching trips in addition to helping you swim with dolphins and checking out the amazing underwater life in the ocean. Molokini is the top spot to snorkel in Hawaii and it is a must-do if you are planning a trip to Hawaii.
•    Iao Valley State Park – If you want to see some of the rich Hawaiian culture, you need to walk through Iao Valley State Park. It is gorgeous and home to Iao Needle, the famous rock point that reaches 2,250 feet high.
•    Na Pali Coast – here you will sea caves along with deserted beaches. It’s amazing to see and it doesn’t have as many tourists as other attractions do.
•    Pearl Harbor – it is always a good idea to honor those that lost their lives so we could enjoy the freedoms that we do in our country. Make time to visit Pearl Harbor, especially the USS Arizona as it will really hit home that people died for you to live in a free land.
•    Hula – you can’t go to Hawaii without doing the Hula at least once! There are a lot of vibrant dinners and festivities to attend and you won’t regret doing the hula at least once. You can also enjoy watching the locals do it and entertain you with music, fire, and a lot of unique dancing.

Hawaii is a must-visit place and you will be amazed by this gorgeous state and all that it has to offer. Take a least a week to really soak in the culture and the fun things that Hawaii has to offer.

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