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What to expect on a luxury Bermuda cruise

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page_cruiselinerBermuda is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the Caribbean and the world and offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and excitement for the most adventuresome to the most laid-back of tourists.  Many people go to Bermuda for the wonderful sun and the beautiful sandy beaches while others go for the exotic and extravagant shopping destinations.  Whatever your reason for going to Bermuda make sure that your trip fits your needs.  Here is some information that will help you to know what to expect on your luxury cruise to Bermuda.

Bermuda is not only one island as many people mistakenly believe at first, but rater a small chain of islands linked by bridges.  About 20 of the islands are inhabited and are mostly interconnected while the others can only be reached by a boat or ferry.  Bermuda is a prosperous country that is organized and orderly with friendly people with smiling faces and beautiful weather.  Many of the everyday fast food joints and other mega stores won’t be found on Bermuda so it’s important to know what to expect when you arrive.

Taking a luxury cruise to Bermuda can be one of the most rewarding and relaxing experiences if you make the necessary plans.  It’s important to make sure that a luxury cruise will fit your vacation needs and not leave you wanting for more lively entertainment or nice cheeseburger.  A luxury cruise has many things that you won’t even be able to find on many other cruise lines.  The accommodations are almost always larger and more refined than those on more commercialized ships that want simply to have the largest number of people aboard.  A luxury cruise is very much about the experience and will give you things you wouldn’t even expect on an economy cruise.  The state rooms will also be more lavish.  Expect to sleep in a very comfortable bed with premium bedding and sensitive and exact climate control.  You will also have a larger bathroom and more of the luxuries that you would find in a custom built home compared to the condo-like fittings on the mega-cruisers.

Expect the atmosphere to be much more formal.  If you aren’t required to have a suit jacket and tie on at all times outside of your accommodations, you will at least be expected to have a nice pair of slacks and maybe a sport coat.  Don’t expect to be lounging around the pool and having a beer at the sports bar in your swimming trunks and a tank top.  Although these activities may still be offered it will most likely not take up the largest amount of your time.

You should expect to be well fed with excellent cuisine and service while on your luxury Bermuda cruise.  The dining experience will be much more like a 5 star restaurant catering to your every need than a big plate with big cheeseburger and a pile of French fries.  You can expect to be served premium wines and delectable desserts that will make your mouth water.  The staff will give you personal attention but also keep their distance so that you can enjoy the time you have and relax while you are there.

Entertainment will likely be different on your luxury cruise than you would expect to see on the much larger cruise lines.  You won’t have and laser shows with cartoon characters dancing around yelling the newest and most popular kid’s songs or even a rock or pop band singing on stage while you wave your lighter in the air.  You are more likely to have quiet and peaceful symphony music playing in the background or some soft jazz from the bank during dinner.  You will probably be able to get to know the staff and they will know your name because there aren’t a huge number of guests.  You may also get to meet the captain and possible see more of the ship and understand how and why things are done the way they are.

All in all, on your luxury cruise, you should be able to relax and spend time doing the things you want to do in a formal atmosphere that won’t wind anyone up too tight and expect the utmost quality of service, food and entertainment.

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