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What to keep on you while traveling

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When you travel there are always risks such as being pick pocketed, losing luggage, coming down with something, etc. However, there are still things you should always have on you when you travel, even if there is a risk involved. Here is a list of the items you won’t want to travel without, and should keep on you, in a money belt, etc. while you travel:

First is your passport. If you travel outside of your country you will need it. You may think that once you are through the airport or security checkpoints it is unnecessary, but this is untrue. In fact, legally you are supposed to have it on you at all times if you are a in a country where you are not a citizen. Additionally, losing your passport is bad news, so it is best to keep track of it by keeping it on your person.

Next is your driver’s license. Just because it is not an international license doesn’t mean you don’t need it. If you want to rent a car in Europe you have to show it. It is also a good secondary form of identification, and merchants may ask for it if you use your credit card.

If you purchase a railpass you want to think of it as cash, as they are not tied to one person or your name, someone else can steal it, or take it, and use it, so you want to treat it like cash, and not leave it lying around, and make sure you have it with you when you travel. It would stink to make it to the rail station only to discover it is sitting on the bathroom counter in your hotel room.

A debit card is a good thing to keep on you. Credit works great, and it is wise to have a credit card on hand, as chances are you will need it while you travel, and most merchants take a credit card, but sometimes you need cash, and a debit card works best for this.

You will want cash in the currency of where you are visiting. You will want to have some small bills in your pocket for easy access, and large bills in your money belt or neck wallet for safety.

A small notepad and pen. This can be really helpful for creating a contact list of numbers, etc, that you may need, like your hotel. It is also a good place to record the phone numbers and emails of the people important in your life. If something should happen to you, it could be a valuable contact sheet. In addition, when traveling abroad it can be a useful tool, for note taking, for communicating, for keeping track of your itinerary, etc.

With proper planning, you will be able to travel the world and always have what you need!

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