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What you should pack when you travel

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What to pack

Shirts. Consider what the weather will be like where you are visiting, then bring 5 shirts that are easily mixed and matched with bottoms, and are a cotton/polyester blend, as they are best for traveling, sight seeing, and doing a lot of walking. Short or long sleeved will depend on the season and typical weather conditions of your travel destination.

Sweater or Lightweight Jacket. You should probably choose a dark color as it will show fewer spills, etc. and you want something you can layer to get warm if needed.

Pants. Bring two pairs. Even if you are staying a week, it is important to not overpack, so bring one pair of pants that will go with your tops, and that won’t wrinkle, etc. and one lightweight pair that will work in the big muggy cities where you will be visiting churches, etc. that have dress codes requiring the leg to be covered. If you are traveling in the summer consider pants with zip off legs, and don’t bring jeans, they are usually too hot.

Shorts. Depending on when you travel, you may want to bring one pair of neutral shorts, and possibly swim trunks that can be worn as shorts if you are a man. Again, this cuts down on the amount of luggage you take, while doubling up on the use of the items you do take.

Swim wear: Chances are you will want to relax at the pool, go to the beaches, etc. so take a swimsuit, especially if you are a woman, but take one you feel comfortable in, and can move around in.

Undergarments: Bring as many as you need for the days you will be there.
Shoes. It is best to simply take one pair that are well broken in and have good traction. Light colored shoes are often cooler on the feet, and you will want something that is sturdy as many of the sidewalks and paths in travel destinations are not perfectly paved, but rather may be rock, dirt, cobblestone, etc. You can also bring along a pair of sandals or flip flops for days at the pool or beach.

Rain coat: If you are going to Britain or Ireland, take a rain coat, even if it is just a cheapo one you get at the dollar store. You may also want to take along a water resistant jacket with a hood, like Gore-Tex. It is great for keeping you comfortable despite the weather.

A few accessories: You want to pack light, but you still want to look good, so pack a tie, or a scarf or something that can dress up an outfit without taking too much room in your suitcase.

Money. You will want to take some currency for the countries you are visiting, a credit card, and a debit card. You will also want to make sure that you have a money belt that can be tucked under your clothes to keep those things safe.

A camera: When you travel it is nice to have a camera, consider bringing extra memory and batteries as you may not be able to find the kind you need while traveling.

A pack: Having a bag of some kind that can act as a day pack to help you carry around the things you may want such as a water bottle, snack, camera, and literature, etc. is helpful.

There are hundreds of other things you can pack when you travel. It is always good to bring along a few pain killers in case you get headaches, etc. but these basics will keep you covered.

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