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Why your next vacation should be a Bermuda cruise

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steeldrums090109One of the most popular choices for cruising is a vacation to the island paradise of Bermuda. There are several reasons why your next vacation should be a Bermuda cruise.   These highly popular cruises depart from several ports on the United States east coast. One of the biggest advantages is that the beautiful islands of Bermuda are relatively nearby, allowing cruisers to take even shorter cruises and still experience the spectacular island. In addition unlike some other Caribbean destinations the weather is wonderful in the summer. In addition due to the geographic location of Bermuda there is no hurricane season to worry about.  The weather maintains nearly year round with a moderate daytime temperature range of 70-85 degrees. Some of the major attractions of Bermuda include pink sand beaches, historic towns, fine snorkeling, and some of the world’s most famous golf courses. There is simply something for everyone in Bermuda.  Bermuda cruise passengers also have the advantage of  avoiding the high cost of hotels.

The Bermuda cruise season is generally from April to November. There are numerous cruises from Boston, New York, Cape Liberty, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charleston or Fort Lauderdale to Bermuda. This mulititude of choices allows would be cruisers to choose the departure point most convenient to them. In addition most cruise lines that operate out of the eastern United States offer mulitiple itenararies to allow cruisers to select the cruise just right for them.

Bermuda is a top summertime cruise destination for any sophisticated island getaway. Yet even when summer is over and  the island’s visitors begin to thin out, Bermuda is still a fine vacation spot.  There are a number of great festivals that keep things lively, and the weather is still comfortable for shorts and bathing suits. And best of all those wanting to cruise to Bermuda  can still take advantage of end-of-the-season cruise deals.

Bermuda has a island culture with a touch of British sophistication.  The high per capita income in Bermuda also helps prevent against much of the crime and poverty related problems seen in other less developed island destinations.  Bermuda has a extensive history worth learning about and is literally steeped in culture.  If you choose to visit Bermuda in the fall be sure and check out the two major festivals in Bermuda in October is the Bermuda Music Festival and the Bermuda Culinary Arts Festival. The Bermuda Music Festival begins Oct. 5 and features three days of performances at the Royal Naval Dockyard. And then starting around October 21, the Culinary Arts Festival brings some of North America’s top chefs to the island for 4 days of food and wine tastings, seminars and cooking competitions.

Cruising to Bermuda can be a unique adventure unlike anything else you have experienced.  There are several different types of ships to make your voyage there as action packed or simply relaxing as you desire.  Ships range from those that offer activities like onboard golf, rock wall climbing and an assortment of classes offered onboard to small intimate ships that provide lots of space for simply relaxing by the pool or strolling through a hothouse garden.

Once you arrive in Bermuda you can then begin to experience the beauty of Bermuda’s  island paradise.  Many cruisers enjoy spending two days in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda and spend their time experiencing  the pink sand beaches, historic forts and incredible shopping on this tropical hideaway. Then if you are on a longer cruise your next port of call may be Kings Wharf or St. George. After exhausting yourself shopping, beach combing, and sightseeing its back to your cruise ship for the short voyage home.  Can anyone find a better reason than that to make your next vacation a cruise to Bermuda?

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