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Winter vacation ideas

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lanning a vacation usually seems to be something that you do in the summertime but there are so many fun wintertime vacations that you can enjoy. Planning a vacation in the winter is a great idea because you will be able to get rejuvenated about things as you get a break from the dreary winter weather. The winter is home to a lot of great snowskiing, which poses ground for some helicopter ski vacations and other things. Of course you could always move to a different type of winter vacation and hit up a warm beach with clear skies and a lot of sun. Here are some great winter vacation ideas to consider:
1.    Disneyland. In the winter you should plan on hitting up the magic kingdom because the tourist crowds are very quiet at this time. The lines for the rides are not nearly as long and you will really be able to enjoy the family vacation without needing to take several days to try and hit all of the rides at Disneyland. Consider heading to Disneyland for Thanksgiving as you can really enjoy it since hardly anyone will be there.
2.    Hawaii. For beautiful beaches and lots of sun, you should go to Hawaii. There is a lot to do in Hawaii like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, hiking, whale watching, etc. You will definitely enjoy a break from the cold weather and snow by coming to Hawaii!
3.    Lake Tahoe – For a number of years this has been one of the best winter vacation destinations out there. Lake Tahoe provides a winter playground for a lot of people in California and Nevada and others all over the world. Lake Tahoe is also home to several exotic resorts so you will easily be able to find a great place to stay and to really enjoy the snow.
4.    Yellowstone – During the winter, head to Yellowstone National Park and take a snowmobiling tour. This is a lot of fun and it is absolutely beautiful. There are several rustic lodges nearby the park that you can stay at and you can take a snowcat tour of the park if you don’t want to drive a snowmobile around. During the winter you will be able to see a new side of the park as you can enjoy watching wildlife and seeing frozen waterfalls and many things. Watching Old Faithful erupt with snow all over is breathtaking and something that you will never forget.
5.    Orlando – if you enjoy the sun heading to Florida is a great option. Florida is a great idea to visit as there are several things that you can do like take a trip to Disneyworld or you can go out to the beautiful beaches and enjoy swimming. There are several things to enjoy in Orlando and you will definitely enjoy taking a winter vacation to the sun.
6.    Caribbean – how about taking a nice cruise during the winter? A Caribbean cruise is a great way to really relax in the winter and to get a break from the cold and the snow. You will be able to sit back and just enjoy all of these fun trips because you have all the enjoyment of delicious meals and a lot of exciting entertainment as well.
7.    Australia – the land down under has a lot of fun things to do and it’s nice and warm. There are some fun things to do like hiking and taking safaris but you can also enjoy the refinement of the symphony at the Sydney Opera House. Make sure you stop by the Australian Zoo as well so you can see the large crocodiles, kangaroos, and many other animals.

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